The 5 Best Baby Hair Brushes (2021 Reviews)

For that comfy hair grooming of your tiny human, you need to invest in a good baby hairbrush. This is of importance to ensure a healthy scalp, skin and hair, to prevent cradle cap as well as to style the hair to a neat hairstyle.

Babies may tend to squirm when you are washing their hair; therefore, invest in the right brush for a happy bath time. Remember, a clean baby is a happy one!

Read through the guide and get to know the best hair brushes for babies in the market today, why you need a hairbrush for your tot as well as what to consider when purchasing one.

Do Babies Need Hair Brushes?

Uses of a Baby Hair Brush

  1. Regular grooming: Hair is part of the body; thus, for a complete body grooming, the baby’s hair needs to be washed. Babies have sensitive scalp; thus, always choose a brush with soft bristles while cleaning or styling their hair.
  2. Stimulates baby’s scalp: When you brush the baby’s scalp, it enhances proper circulation of blood, which in turn ensures a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp does not guarantee hair growth acceleration but rather a healthy hair eliminating any instances of bald spots.
  3. Prevents and treats cradle cap: Cradle cap is a scalp related condition where the baby has yellowish or brownish patches on the scalp. Most baby hair brushes are specifically designed to control the cradle cap. When you wash a baby’s scalp with a brush, you loosen the flakes and lift the flakes out, leaving a clean scalp.
  4. For a relaxing treatment: After a warm bath, you can massage your baby’s scalp by massaging gently with a baby hairbrush. Besides, it’s a perfect time for bonding with your little angel.

Reviews of Best Baby Hair Brushes

1. The 3-Step Cradle Cap System by FridaBaby

Best for Cradle Cap

For that stubborn cradle cap on your little one head, this is an excellent choice that will fully combat it. You will love this purchase as it includes a sponge, a brush, a comb and a storage stand.

For the baby to be cradle cap free, use the 3L steps and expect fantastic results; use the sponge to “lather” the baby’s head, then you “loosen” the flakes with the brush and finally “lift” out the flakes with the comb

The sponge is very soft for the sensitive head and it lathers very fast with any baby soap or shampoo. As for the brush, it has gentle bristles for enough cradle. All you will do is to rub the baby’s head in a circular manner to loosen and remove off the flakes.

The brush fits well in the mommy’s fingers, thus user- friendly. The comb has fine teeth and works wonders to remove off the flakes.

This is a great choice for infants ranging from 0 -12 months. It is an antibacterial produce, thus entrust it to your tiny human as it will not spread germs to other areas.


  • It is an antibacterial product
  • A 4 in 1 purchase; sponge, brush, comb and a storage stand
  • User-friendly


  • Available in only one color

2. FridaBaby Bath Silicone Brush

Best for Cradle Cap and Eczema

This is a must-have for that happy bath time. It is the best choice for dry skin as it soothes the skin as well as curbing both cradle cap and eczema.

It has gentle bristles that clean the delicate baby skin plus the scalp. It brushes off all the dry skin leaving the skin healthy and soft with no irritations.

With its regular use, those gentle massages reduce cradle cap on the scalp and eczema on the skin and stimulate blood circulation while exfoliating the skin.

It is made of 100 % antibacterial silicone, thus a gentle plus durable product. Also, it is fitted with a suction cup on the other side.

A marvel is that it does not need dry time as it is silicone made; therefore, it won’t build on mold. Accompany with this during bath time and save your wooden combs, which may be damaged by water.

Your purchase will include 2 brushes. You have the option to select the blue color for your baby boy and a pink one for your pretty girl.  It is a user-friendly product as it will fit perfectly in between the mommy’s fingers.


  • Antibacterial
  • Curbs both cradle cap and eczema
  • The set includes 2 brushes


  • It is small in size

3. KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Best for Newborns and Toddlers

For those bonding moments with your tiny one after a warm bath, or when you want to drive the baby to a napping mode, conveniently use this scalp grooming product.

It is an ideal choice for your newborn as the brush has the premium grade goat bristles, which are the softest for the sensitive head. This brush will aid in preventing cradle cap as it will ensure you spread the oil evenly when applying on the baby’s head to ensure a clean scalp.

Moreover, it will accelerate hair growth to all areas preventing baldness in some areas. As for the comb and the massaging brush, you will utilize them in toddler stages when the kid has long hair.

For maximum results, use this set to massage the baby’s head daily as it is a scalp grooming product. Both on wet and dry hair, you can ideally use it.

It is a wooden set, thus a durable choice; the massaging brush is made of beech wood with bamboo bristles while the small comb is made of pear wood; all-natural.

This set will grow with your child as you will use the brush for your small babe and a comb and a massage brush for your kid with long hair.

You will love its ergonomic design for that comfy grip plus a hanging loop. To clean the brush, you will wash the bristles with baby soap or shampoo and later dry it.


  • Grows with the baby
  • A 3 in 1 purchase; brush, comb and a massage brush
  • The brush has soft bristles
  • It has a hanging string to aid in easier storage


  • The wood used to make the brush and comb doesn’t have a waterproof coating thus; it can be damaged when soaked in water during a bath

4. Natemia Wooden Baby Hair Brush for Newborns & Toddlers

Best Natural Brush

With its soft bristles made from natural goat hair, this is a perfect choice to use on small babes without a fuss. Its dimensions are 7.5 inches by 2 inches.

Use it and prevent cradle cap on the baby’s head as it will aid in uniform distribution of oil on the scalp. Besides, it will enable proper blood circulation while stimulating the baby’s scalp. Also, you can style with it your tiny one’s hair for that cute look.

With its perfect design and size, it will fit in mommy’s hand, and as for the nosy toddler, it will fit too. Most babies enjoy its softness on their delicate heads as they enjoy massages.

It is made from solid beech wood, which is BPA free, thus a safe and long-lasting scalp grooming product. This all-natural product will not cause any irritation on the delicate scalp.

Nevertheless, you may experience shed off of bristles during the first days of its use which is a common issue with hairbrushes made of goat hair.

However, entrust it to your kid as it is accredited by most moms as a good choice.


  • Made of soft premium grade goat bristles
  • It prevents and reduces cradle cap
  • It is made from high-quality beech wood


  • Some users complain of bristles falling off during the first days of its use

5. Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

Best Affordable Baby Brush

Purchase this economical set and get both a brush and a matching comb. Select your favorite color from the 2 choices; blue and pink.

The brush bristles are so soft for use on the delicate baby’s scalp. As for the comb, it is designed with dual density teeth; thus, you can ideally use it on either dry or wet thick or thin hair.

It is made of plastic, therefore the best companion when the baby is taking a bath as it is easy to clean with soap and water as well as to dry.

Moreover, the plastic used is free from BPA, making it a safe product even in the instances when the kid chews it while in the toothing stage.

Its ergonomic design guarantees a comfy grip for both the mommy and baby. In addition, it has been approved as a product that has met all safety standards.


  • Very affordable
  • 2 in 1 purchase; you get both a brush and a comb
  • The comb has dual-density teeth
  • The brush has very soft bristles


  • The brush does not prevent cradle cap

Essentials to Consider When Choosing a Baby Hair Brush – Buying Guide

  • Bristles

When purchasing a hairbrush for your baby, always choose the one with the softest bristles as they will not damage the delicate scalp. The softest choice may demand extra cost; nevertheless, safety is the primary thing when it comes to our little ones.

  • Hypoallergenic

Some babies may be allergic to the material the brushes are made from. Some brushes have bristles made from natural hair goat, which may be allergic to some kids. If your kid is prone to allergies, go the choice labelled “hypoallergenic.”

  • Easy to Clean and Dry

Continued use of a baby hairbrush makes it dirty. Therefore look for a choice that is easy to clean and dry. When you keep a wet brush, it will grow molds that are unsafe for the baby’s delicate skin and are also unhygienic.

  • Handle Quality

Remember, as the parent, you will be the one handling the brush, thus choose a hairbrush that will enable a comfy grip while brushing your baby’s hair. Before purchasing, also check on the sturdiness of the handle.

  • Material

There are wooden and also plastic choices. Even though the wooden ones are durable, they may not be a good companion when washing the hair since most don’t have a waterproof layer and thus, can’t be submerged in the water. Plastic options may be easy to clean, free to be submerged in water, but may not be sturdy enough.

The Bottom Line

With tons of brands in the market today offering a variety of baby hair brushes, it may be overwhelming to choose the best that will serve your needs. We have identified 5 best choices that will meet every parent’s needs.

We hope you enjoy a happy bath and bonding time with your tot with any of our choices!

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