Top 5 Best Baby Monitors for Twins (2021 Reviews)

What a joyous time when you discover you are expecting twins! You will start preparations on how to accommodate the 2 tiny humans. When you receive them, you will realize you can’t be around them 24/7. That’s when a baby monitor comes to solve your equation, as it will make nursing a total breeze.

It consists of a receiver (parent unit) and a transmitter (baby unit). A receiver is a handheld unit you can carry with you anywhere within the specified range. A transmitter can be a video camera or a microphone that you can place near the baby.

Wouldn’t you like to ensure your baby is safe all the time? A baby monitor will ensure you keep a close eye on your little ones as they relax, even when you are in another room or in the garden.

Let us take a look at the options we have evaluated as the top best baby monitors for twins.

Baby Monitors for Twins Reviews

1. VAVA 720P 5 Inch HD Display Video Baby Monitor

Best Non WiFi Baby Monitor

This is our favorite as it is the latest in town to make modern nursing a breeze. The 5 inch Screen enables you to view your 2 tiny humans well enough. You will love its 7 level sound unit where you can adjust it to the highest volume when the baby is unwell and listen to the baby coughing or breathing as it is very sensitive.

To have that panoramic view of your twins, you have the option to add up to 4 cameras, which can be monitored after every 15 seconds. With just a press, zoom in and have that clear view as if you are in touch with the baby.

The high quality 4500mAh battery is amazing for the monitor to last up to 24 hours for standby and 12 hours when in full use. As for the Camera, it is powered by an adaptor and also for versatility; you can use a power bank.

The transmission range of 480 to 900 feet is a marvel to track your kid even when upstairs or downstairs. The maximum range applies in open spaces where there are no barriers.

You will love the auto night vision mode, which displays those frayed images which can’t interrupt your sleep after a busy day. The LED lights work wonders even with screen offs.

It comes packed up with unique features; monitors the nursery temperature and enhances a two-way talkback system to soothe the babies.

Conveniently mount the camera on a wall as a hole located at the back will aid in that. No assembly is needed for functionality, just turn both screens and you are good to go.


  • You can mount the camera on the wall
  • Add up to 4 cameras
  • Easy to set up and to use
  • The 5-inch screen ensures a clear view
  • Non-WiFi baby monitor
  • Great resolution
  • The monitor is rechargeable


  • No split-screen to monitor multiple cameras installed, you will monitor each camera after every 15 seconds

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Lens Technology

This baby monitor was crowned as the best monitor in the 2018 Baby Awards. It is a great product to entrust it in your nursing duties as it has combined both functionality and versatility; portable enough as it weighs only 2 lbs and will offer a panoramic view for the video footage and great audio quality.

An incredible baby monitor with a unique feature of interchangeable lens technology; 3 camera lens choices. You can switch to different lenses on the camera to suit varying angles for that clear view; the wide-angle lens with a feature of 170 degrees wide view, zoom lens, and normal lens.

The marvelous thing is that you can connect it to 4 different cameras and access the baby monitor on different locations even when 700 feet, suiting on-the-go mums who are busy doing house chores. The Screen size is 3.5 inches, thus offering a panoramic view to suit your twins.

Everything monitored is protected; FHSS technology is involved and transmits all the video and audio footage via a safe internal 2.4GHz channel.

The battery life for the monitor is a marvel; 8 hours for full live screen and 12 hours when on audio only. You will love the backup battery, a high quality lithium-Ion battery. When the battery life is low, no worry as you will always be notified.

It is the best signifier as even when the screen is off and you are involved in other chores, the illuminated LED lights will signal you; red light denotes soft sound produced by the babies and green lights for loud sounds. Moreover, it will even monitor the babies’ room temperature and displays it on the monitor.

Switch it to Invisible IR night vision and have a clear view in the dark without adding light to the baby’s room. During the fussy nights, the two-way audio communication will help you soothe the babies.

This is a durable choice that will serve the family for years as it is made of a high-quality strong hardware. The charging cables are included in your purchase.


  • No assembly needed
  • High resolution audio and video footage
  • Just position it to your preferred position as you can tilt, pan or zoom the lens
  • Self-contained system
  • Small enough to carry it around
  • The monitor can work on both battery power and can also be plugged in


  • You will need to position the camera far away from the babies as it charges via wires, which may collide with playful babies

3. Motorola MBP50 Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

Track your twins enjoying their sleep with your parent unit via the 2 cameras with this great option. The monitor features a 5 inch LCD color display, which is amazing to display both cameras at a go.

This Split screen enables you to view both cameras; thus you view your 2 kids at the same time; however, you will track the sound of only the selected camera at a time. As for the auto-scan feature you alternate the cameras after every 12 seconds.

For that perfect viewing of the room when enjoying that “mommy time”, pan, tilt and zoom in and out the 2 cameras via the handy monitor. You can add up to 4 cameras, but you pair each camera with the monitor at a time.

2-way talk is enhanced to soothe your pretty angels as the cameras have in-built speakers, you can also switch on the 5 lullabies and lull them to sleep. With its high sensitivity microphone, you will hear even the soft sounds in the nursery.

The maximum range when in open space is up to 1000 feet, whereas any obstruction between the units will reduce the range to approximately 165 feet when indoors. You will always be alerted when out of range or even when the battery is low

You have the option to mount the cameras on the wall as they have golden screw holes on the lower side of the camera. Besides, you will monitor the nursery temperature as the cameras are fitted with temperature sensors.

Digital Privacy is always ensured as 2.4 GHz FHSS technology is involved in transmission. Your purchase will include 1 wireless monitor, 2 cameras and power adapters.


  • IR night vision
  • Monitors the room temperature
  • 2-way talk system plus lullabies will soothe the baby
  • Great range
  • 5 inch LCD color display monitor screen
  • Enhances split screen


  • The cameras need to be plugged in fully for its operation
  • The battery life is short as it can last only for about 5 hours

4. Heimvision HM136 Video Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor for two rooms

This is another excellent choice to monitor your twins as it features a 5 inch LCD screen that displays detailed pictorial.

Although this purchase comes along with one camera, you can pair the monitor with 4 other cameras and never miss a peep in monitoring your pretty dolls. Even when they are in separate rooms, you will be able to monitor them.

Soothing lullabies and a talk way audio system are the 2 means that will never miss in luring your babies to sleep.

You will love the camera with an angle of 110 degrees tilt, 355 degrees panning and 720P resolution. With this regard, even with one camera, you will view the entire room at a breeze as you can pan and tilt the camera up and down, zoom in and out and view every corner of the room.

No worry in set up issues; just plug in the camera as they are already paired. Its wireless connection guarantees privacy in all the video and audio footage.

A marvel is the feeding reminder with a time range of 30 minutes to 2 and a half hours, just set the alarm and your nursing duties will always be a total breeze.

It is a very economical choice that comes along with tons of features; Sound detection, temperature sensor, the PTZ camera, simple wireless connection, feeding reminder, infrared night vision and soothing lullabies.


  • Wireless connectivity; app free, WiFi free
  • Affordable price
  • Great range of up to 1000 feet
  • Auto night vision
  • Very light monitor weighing 1.1 lbs


  • Low battery life of the monitor; 5 hours audio only, 3 hours for live screen

5.  3.2-Inch LCD Screen Baby Monitor by Hello Baby-US

Best Travel Baby Monitor

Best Affordable Baby Monitor

Are you in search of a baby monitor and you are in a fixed budget? This is a great choice packed with tons of features. Moreover, it is an excellent option for vacations if you are on-the-go mum as it is lightweight with a wireless connection.

Expect a clear view of the entire nursery as PTZ camera is in work; pan, tilt and zoom the cameras with your handy parent unit. You can add up to 4 cameras and pair them on a single monitor. Besides, the 3.2 inch monitor ensures a panoramic view.

Be assured of 100%privacy as digital encryption technology is involved in the transmission of both audio and video clips.

During those fussy times, talk to your little ones via the monitor as the camera features an inbuilt speaker. Moreover, the soothing lullabies are an alternative.

The monitor has a rechargeable battery and will allow free mobility as you perform house chores to a maximum range of 900 feet where there is no obstruction like the walls.  This is the simplest choice, just plug in and play.


  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio system
  • 8 soothing lullabies
  • Monitors the baby’s room temperature


  • The 3.5-inch monitor screen is quite small to monitor twins

Essential Things to Consider When Shopping for a Baby Monitor for Twins

  • Audio or Video Monitor

An audio monitor will alert you only on the sounds the babies produce, whereas as for a video monitor, you will see a live video from the baby’s room. If you are having twins, consider a video monitor as it will be easier to monitor every detail in the nursery.

  • Screen Size

The parent unit comes with a color LCD screen. Screen sizes vary from 1.8” to 7” inches. We can recommend one with a range of 3.5 to 5 inch screen size as it will ensure a panoramic view of your tiny humans. Those with a touch screen technology are a marvel.

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera

A camera is what you will place near your babies and monitor via the parent unit. Choose the PTZ camera as you can control from the monitor; you can pan, tilt and zoom in and out.

This is really helpful, especially if you are monitoring twins sleeping in the same room with a single monitor. Moreover, choose one with the best resolution for that crystal clear view.

  • Type of Transmission

Video baby monitors are basically radio transmitters between the parent unit and the baby unit. The monitors will either have analog or digital transmission and will run on varying frequencies such as 49MHZ, 900MHZ or 2.4GHz.

However, most baby monitors these days use FHSS technology to transmit all the video and audio footage via a safe internal 2.4GHz channel. We recommend such baby monitors as digital privacy will be guaranteed.

  • Range

The best monitors will have a range of 500 to 1000 feet. If you are an on-the-go mum, or you live in a large home, choose a monitor with a longer range for convenience.

  • Battery Life

Always choose a monitor with a long battery life as it will not restrict your movements to always charge it. Some models like the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor have a backup battery, which is really an amazing thing.

  • Infrared Night Vision

Most models will have this key feature to enable you to view the baby even when you have switched off the lights in the baby’s room. It displays those frayed images which can’t interrupt your sleep after a busy day.

  • Portability

Some baby monitors will have a built-in kickstand such that you can place them on a flat surface. Some will have a belt clip to attach to your belt or waistband to be hands-free. Whereas some will be cellphone size so that you can carry them around in your hand or pocket. All these are designed to aid in easier mobility from room to room.

  • Two-way Talkback

This is a neat feature that most parents will love. It will allow you to talk to your little angels via the monitor and you will hear and see them gurgle back to you. The baby will feel that you are somewhere near and will be calmed down.

  • Expandability

Most baby monitors will come with one camera or perhaps 2, offering a saving. Many models will support up to 4 cameras. This feature is helpful as it allows multiple use in the house and will be a marvel if you are having twins.

  • Split Screen

In the case you are using 2 cameras to monitor your 2 kids, it can be really great if your parent unit enables split-screen viewing. This will ensure you to monitor both of them at a glance; you will not have to view each camera at a time. This will be more helpful when monitoring the kids at night.

  • Auto Scan Feature

If a monitor can’t enable split-screen viewing, then this is a feature it should not lack. From the parent’s unit, you will just view each camera after every 12 to 15 seconds.

  • Motion and Sound Sensors

Most cameras will have sensitive inbuilt microphones such that even the slightest sounds they produce, you will be alerted. It is great at night when your parent unit is turned off and only turns on if a voice is activated.

  • Sound Lights

Some models will have this great feature. The parent unit sound lights turn on when the babies make sounds. The louder the baby’s sound, the brighter or more lights will come on.

  • Temperature Sensor

Some models will monitor the baby’s room temperature and notify you on the screen of the parent unit. However, some models may give inaccurate degrees.

Safety Measures When Using a Baby Monitor

When setting up a baby monitor, the safety of your kid should be primal;

  1. Never place a monitor on the baby’s crib: A monitor is not a toy and may collide with the playful babies and harm them.
  2. Keep the charging cords away from the crib: Most cameras monitoring the baby cannot operate when not plugged in a power source. Ensure the hanging cords are not in reach of the kid.
  3. Never place a monitor near water: Both the baby and parent unit should not be placed near water.
  4. Digital privacy: If you are using an analog monitor, be cautioned since other devices within the range can intercept on the footage. But if you are using a digital model, you are on the safe side as they use a secure transmission channel.

Wrap Up

It can be a little overwhelming when you are searching for the best monitor to purchase as there are tons of brands in the market today.

Our top pick is the VAVA 720P 5 Inch HD Display Video Baby Monitor as it is the latest in town to make modern nursing a breeze. It has a 5 inch Screen, which grants a panoramic view of your 2 tiny humans.

You will love its 7 level sound unit where you can adjust it to the highest volume when the baby is unwell and listen to the baby coughing or breathing as it is very sensitive.

Nevertheless, always choose a baby monitor that will offer good audio and video quality, one that uses a safe transmission. Those with lullabies are a bonus.

I hope this guide is helpful to enable you to shop for the best baby monitor for your twins.

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