10 Best Baby Swings for Small Spaces (2022 Reviews)

Taking care of your little angel may seem like a full-time job. Sometimes you just need that “mommy’s time”, but oops, that’s when he even demands more attention!

Worry no more as a baby swing will make nursing and caring for your babe a bit easier. A swing is created to cradle a baby just like a mom does but now in a cozy seat suspended on sturdy frames. This will minimize your hands always being full, and you become free to perform any home chores; taking a nap or even having a glass of water.

A large swing may not be a big deal to you if your home is significant; however, an issue may emerge if your living space is small. That’s when the urge arises to look for a swing that has a compact design.

After our thorough research, we’ve come up with the best swings that will fit in your small space. Here are our 10 best options:

Best Baby Swings for Small Spaces Reviews

1. Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Swing

Best Mini Baby Swing

Bright Starts Whimsical is a small fancy swing with unique features. It can act as a swing, sway and as a rocker to fulfill the baby’s endless needs. Entrust it to your baby until it attains 20 lbs.

With its whisper Quiet technology, the swinging motions are gentle paving way for 6 soothing melodies which can calm and lull your baby. Swing your babe to the 6 different speeds as the baby sits in the plushy seat which also reclines to 2 positions. The harness guarantees safety as you do all that.

It is a space saver swing, foldable to a compact design for storage and portability. Setting it up is all effortless. Removing and cleaning the fabric cover is also easy.

Although it is not a plug-in, the battery option makes it convenient for use in outdoors. Ensure you purchase 4C alkaline batteries for optimal functionality.

2 sweet soft toys in the detachable toy bar must excite and give company to your little one. To spice the overall swing, you can attach a bouncing seat with a vibration unit.


  • Has a swing timer for 15, 30 and 45 time settings
  • The seat reclines to 2 positions
  • Sturdy and foldable
  • The fabric cover is machine washable


  • No vibration feature
  • Some users complain of a clicking sound when adjusting it

2. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Cradle N Swing

Best Smart Connect Swing n Cradle

This one is beauteous, a classy swing with lots of features. Your early days after delivery will be spiced by this swing and rocker! The music is soothing enough and will calm and even lull your baby to sleep.

A smart connect swing means you can control the varying features with your smart device even when 164 feet away. Just download the Smart Connect app and control it with a press of a button; the 6 swinging speeds, the dual swinging motions and the baby’s favorite lullaby.

2 soothing motions, 2 rocking motions and a Plushy seat with 2 recline positions which is easy to remove for cleaning purposes, make this a fantastic swing. The removable rocker seat ensures your baby is just near you as you perform home chores.

The mobile located over the head has charming lights which will excite your little one, boasting the baby’s senses. Your baby’s favorite motion will remain constant as he grows.

Head and body support pads are all removable and machine washable. Connect to a power point with an AC adapter or use 4D batteries when outdoor.


  • Foldable frames easing storage and transportation
  • Has 16 calming songs plus 3 nature sounds
  • The deep, cozy seat is a guarantee of safety and comfort at the same time


  • Some users complain of a squeaking noise

3. Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing

Best Swing with Bouncy Seat for Newborns

This is a cute compact swing which is also foldable easing portability and storage. It is an ideal for newborns up to 9 months with its bouncy seat which makes it a marvel!

The seat vibrates and swings with 5 different speeds which are automatic. The swinging motions are gentle to calm a crying baby and lull him to sleep.

Entertain your babe with the 8 soothing melodies and 3 nature sounds plus the dangling toy in the toy bar. You can even add his favorite toys in the 3 left slots.

Maximum safety is a guarantee as it’s equipped with a 5 point harness and non-slip feet. For comfort, the head pad is cushy and removable.

Although it is not a plug-in swing, the battery option makes it convenient to be used in places with a no-power connection with optimal functionality. The batteries may last you for long as hybridrive technology is involved.


  • Easy to assemble with easy to follow guidelines
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Easy to wash the fabric as well as wipe the frames
  • 3 slots to hang more baby’s favorite toys


  • The vibration feature uses different batteries
  • The leaf-like toy bar has only one toy

4. Power Adapt Portable Swing

Best Stylish Portable Swing

You will love this cute swing that is ideal for an outdoor vacation for its compact fold design and its small footprints utilizing minimal space. It’s also lightweight to easily carry around.

When on trips, use 4 D batteries while when in-doors, just plug into a power source. The fantastic thing is that an AC adapter cord is included in the box of purchase.

Optimal comfort is a sure bet as the seat is plushy with a padded head and body support that are removable.

The 5 swing speeds plus several soothing melodies and sounds are gentle and adoring to always calm your little doll.

Even though the seat seems shallow to some users, a 5 point harness will maximize safety. Moreover, it’s a floor swing hence reducing risks of falling.

You will love its availability in a neutral color to fit your baby boy or girl and to align to any interior décor plus any outfit.


  • Assembling it is easy
  • Foldable and lightweight for ease in transportation and storage
  • The Fabric cover is machine washable


  • No vibration unit although you can attach a vibrator to the seat

5. Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker

Best Multi-Directional Swing

Graco DuetSoothe is both a swing and a rocker which is available in gray and teal blue option or light beige and light green option; very neutral colors to suit a baby boy or girl. You can swing the kid in 3 different directions as it has 3 seating positions.

The cozy seat reclines to positions that will favor a very young baby and an older toddler. It even doubles to a rocker keeping your little one near-by as you perform the chores. Just detach the seat and use the carry handle to move with your baby from room to room.

Relax and calm your baby by choosing the favorite swing speed from the 6-speed choices. Dangling toys will keep company to your baby. The 10 calm melodies, 5 sounds and a vibration unit will at no point disappoint your little angel.

This swing will come equipped with an AC adapter, 4C batteries are only a necessity when you use it in a place with no power connection.

Use it as a swing for a baby weighing not more than 30 lbs.


  • Setting it up is easy
  • Though not a compact swing it will utilize minimal floor space
  • Removable body support that is machine washable


  • The mobile is not adjustable enough, and as for the bear toys they don’t rotate much
  • The seat does not recline

6. 4moms MamaRoo Bluetooth Enabled Swing

Best High Tech Swing

4 moms MamaRoo is a unique, high tech swing offering 5 different motions. It has a smart modern design and provides maximum comfort to your little one.

Its high tech feature comprises of Bluetooth enabled option where you just control the 5 swing speeds, sounds and volume with your compatible smartphone device. It is so simple to operate. You can even connect to any MP3 player for multiple choices of lullabies.

You must love the seat which reclines to any position from an upright to a flatter position, making it snug. The seat fabric can be machine washed when dirty and the nylon material used, be assured, it will last you for long.

This one is a unique one with soft toy balls in the toy mobile, unlike animal toys in most swings. If it remains unattended for 4 hours, there will be an automatic shut off, and this will save on power.

Maximize its use until the baby is 25 lbs


  • Uses power option
  • Easy and quick assembling
  • Blue tooth enabled swing


  • No batteries needed

7. Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Best Cost Friendly Swing

Just as its name, this one is a cozy, cute swing. Your baby will grow with it as it can accommodate big babies up to 6 months of age.

True Speed technology is involved; thus, your baby’s preferred swing speed will remain constant as the baby grows with no variations. Select the favorite swing option from the 6-speed choices.

Swing time is song time offering the best calm environ for your baby to relax and nap. Soothing songs plus nature sounds with volume control unit complements its coziness.

Put a smile on your baby’s face by adjusting the toy bar with 2 dangling soft toys and move it closer to the baby to play with them.

An automatic turn off is a guarantee; 90 minutes after the swing remain unattended, thus saving on battery life.

Roam with it anywhere as it’s foldable, lightweight thus portable enough. In case of any spills on the seat just machine wash it.


  • Assembling is easy and quick,
  • Occupies less space
  • Machine washable seat
  • A 5 point harness for safety
  • Affordable price


  • 4C batteries are a necessity for functionality
  • The seat has no sit-up position

8. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Best Plug-in Power Option Swing

This compact swing is a great option too as it will fit in any space regardless of how small the area is, thus the baby can remain close to you anywhere you are. Its unique feature of both a plug in and battery power option makes it a wonder swing!

The swaying motion of side-to-side with the 6 swing speeds calms down your babe and can even lull him/her to sleep. The music is so soothing; 10 songs, 5 sounds and the vibration feature; they can never miss in calming your baby. The hanging mobile with 3 toys is a bonus.

Comfort is a guarantee as this swing is 8 inches above the ground, with a deep and cushy seat. You can remove the seat wholly to wash it. Its even machine washable.

A 5 point harness is an assurance of safety to your little angel. Moreover, it is strong enough with no flame retardants.

It is lightweight enough to easily move around from room to room.


  • The harness will keep your baby secure
  • The base is small
  • Powered by an AC adapter


  • Head support pillow seems a bit thin, hard in supporting tiny babes
  • Although it is a plug in, DD batteries are required for vibration feature

9. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Swing

Best Dual Motion Swing for Newborns

This is a fantastic swing with a sleek design which not only dance from side to side but also from front to back in a press of a button.

The mobile turns the music on which soothes even a crying baby. 16 songs and sounds which include both daytime and nighttime lullabies and 6 swing options are adoring. The dangling animal friends may excite the baby while offering a friendly environ.

With its smart connect technology feature, you can customize the swing to always suit the baby’s needs. This is by selecting the baby’s favorite swing option or calming tune with your smartphone even when you are 164 feet away. You just need to connect your swing to your mobile phone and control all these with a press of a button.

Comfort is a sure bet as the bucket seat which is machine-washable has a plush pad. The head pillow is elevated a bit for maximum comfort.

It is a plug-in but can also use batteries. The varying positions you can adjust the swing makes it a wonder!


  • A sturdy swing which is cushy and soft
  • The fabric cover is easy to wash
  • Saves batteries


  • Easy to disassemble and assemble but not foldable

10. Graco EveryWay Soother Baby Swing

Best Multi-Use Swing

This is another great option by Graco brand with a glossy design featuring, 8 swinging ways, 6 swing speeds and 16 calming motions. Variety of soothing options allows you to adjust the swing to the baby’s favorite option that will calm and excite him.

The seat which reclines to 3 different positions is removable and can convert to a rocker; hence your little angel can always be by your side as you move from room to room.

The vibration feature with 2 different speed, the 15 songs plus the adjustable mobile with dangling soft toys can never miss the point in soothing your little one. You can always adjust the volume of the music to either low, high, medium or even mute depending on the baby’s convenience.

Are you worried about safety? A 5 point harness will secure your baby into place. The head support is also plushy and removable.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a head support pad
  • Has a small footprint thus saves tons of space.
  • For plug-in convenience, there is an AC adapter


  • Will continue to swing until turned off
  • Taking the seat apart from the base may be a bit hard as it has a firm hold

Buying Guide for a Best Compact Baby Swing

Size: The best tip when researching for a swing that will fit in your small space is to check the measurements of the footprint that the manufacturer or the seller has provided and use them for mapping in your space with a tape. This will fully assure you before you purchase whether it will fit or whether you need a more compact swing.

Removable and Easy-to-Clean Cover: There will always be spills on the baby’s seat, perhaps a diaper blowout! Always consider a swing with a removable seat cover, one that is easy to wash and can even be machine washed.

Reclining and Padded Seat: We may advise you to go for a swing with a seat that reclines from an upright position to a nearly flatter position. A seat with such recline will favor both young babes and older toddlers. This will also enable you to have multiple choices such that you will select the most calming posture for your little one. Moreover, a padded seat is comfy.

Frames: Always select a swing with wide and sturdy frames that will be able to carry your baby’s weight. Choose a swing with Frames that are easy to wipe clean and those that easily folds for ease in storage and portability.

Foldability: One with a compact fold design will always ease storage and transportation. If you love travelling a lot with your baby, maybe to grandma’s place, always purchase a foldable swing such that you will fold it and carry it with you without a struggle.

Portability: While considering foldability, never forget to check on a portable swing. It may fold but be bulky and heavy to move around; it is always an excellent option to look for a lightweight swing that will make it convenient to carry around.

Squeaking Noise: Some swings may produce a squeaking sound when you are adjusting its features, e.g. swing speed, the seat reclines etc. These sounds may be annoying or even disturb the baby; in this case, consider one with no report of such noises.

Swing Height: Different swings are customized into different heights. We recommend floor swings; those with seats almost nearly to the ground to reduce the risk of falling.

Power Option: Some swings operate by use of power via an AC adapter, some need batteries to work while some can use both. If you want to go with battery option, you can opt to buy rechargeable batteries which in the long run they may save you some money.

We may advise you to choose a plug-in and a battery-powered option as a 2 choice powered option swing will favor all situations.

Safety Measures: Some swings have a 3 point harness while others have a 5 point harness. These seat belts are crucial for the security of your baby, preventing the baby from sliding out.

Unique Extra Features: Maybe you love simplicity; always go for a plain swing. Some may like a fancier swing; in this case, you may look for a multi-colored swing, one with a toy bar, vibration feature, glowing lights, a timer or even more choices of melodies.


Shopping for a baby swing is not a simple task as there are so many types, e.g. the cradle style, portable style or full-sized ones. Moreover, you will find one brand with different options to choose from; thus, with so many brands available in the market today, expect a massive number of options with varying prices.

Ignore the cliche that “the most expensive is the safest” and consider a swing with many features as it will enhance comfort, relaxation and excitement to your baby.

Even as the swing calm and lull your baby to sleep, don’t forget that a baby still needs your gentle cradling as he/she listens to your heartbeats!

This guide must provide you with the best option of a swing that will fit in your small space!

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