Best Bassinets for Preemies (2022 Reviews)

Were you expecting a newborn? But he/she decided to arrive earlier than expected? Don’t get anxious; just make sure the baby gets as much undisturbed sleep as possible to accelerate his/her growth. Babies grow during their sleep and sleep is so precious to them.

This brings the urge to choose the best bassinet that will provide the perfect sleep solution for your preemie.  Baby bassinets are small-sized beds, smaller than cribs and are explicitly made for newborns until they are a few months old. SIDS risks associate with newborns, so consider aspects such as pillow placement, blanketing and sleeping positions while taking care of your preemie.

We’ve examined a variety of bassinets and we have come up with five best bassinets to choose for your preemie. You need to be very selective in order to choose the best bassinet that will serve the needs of both the baby as well as you as the parent.

Best Bassinets for Preemies Reviews

1. Milliard Side Sleeper Bassinet

We can rank this bassinet as our favorite as it can be used as a side-sleeper bassinet as well as a standalone bassinet. Since a preemie requires extra care, using it as a side-sleeper bassinet perfectly suits as the  baby is close to you, adjacent to your bed, where you can monitor every breathe while keeping constant glances.

It has an adjustable height such that one can perfectly align it with the parent bed as long as the bed measures 23-31 inches high when measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress. You can also add an incline on one side; thus suits breastfeeding and also helps a baby with acid reflux sleep better.

You will love the many storage pockets all the way round, thus easy to grab any baby essential.  It has a high-quality mattress that is firm and also soft that comes along with an attractive, removable and washable sheet.

You love vacations? No need to worry as this bassinet is easy to dismantle and put back together. It is also lightweight enough to carry around easily and can fit through doorways.

Your baby will grow with it as it is big enough, as per one of our reviews, a 3-year-old baby could perfectly fit. This is a sturdy bassinet and also meets all safety regulations making it very secure for your little preemie.


  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • High-quality mattress with a wipe-clean mattress cover
  • It is lightweight enough to easily carry around and can fit through doorways


  • It is large thus requires a lot of space

2. INFANS 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet for Newborn

INFANS 2 in 1 is our second favorite due to its 2 in 1 convertible rocking feature in that it can be in swinging mode or in stationary bed mode. This can best suit the needs of the baby as well as those of the parent.

Moreover, it has two adjustable heights, a low height where one can sit on a chair and the high height where one can lie on the bed while checking on the preemie.

This cradle is not only large enough for the baby to grow with but also guarantees the security of your baby as it is made of high strength aluminum alloy material. There is also an added aluminum frame at the bottom that ensures extra safety. 

The removable mosquito net is a spice to this bassinet as no insect can bite the little angel. The four meshed windows at the edges of the bassinet ensure the baby breathes fresh air regardless of the side the baby faces. A comfy sleep is assured as the mattress pad is thick enough.

Setting up this cradle, taking it down and folding it is as easy as pie. Its detachable design allows you to wash and maintain it more conveniently.


  • Available in three colors; pink, grey and white
  • Saves space when folded
  • Comes along with a mosquito net


  • Some fabrics are not machine washable

3. Delta Children Rocking Bassinet

The Delta Children Rocking Bassinet is a unique one as it has several features that provide a relaxing and calm sleeping environment for your preemie.

The most exciting feature is a warm-colored lamp; thus, you can have a glimpse of the little angel any time of the night. Moreover, the baby can be soothed to sleep by the music and sounds from the vibration unit.

This bassinet comes in neutral colors that can align perfectly with any interior home décor. You will love the top quality washable matching sheet that accompanies the mattress pad.  

It is large enough for the baby to grow with it until 5 months of age.  One can store all the baby essentials at the spacious chamber underneath.

You can quickly move around with the baby while doing any chores as it has locking wheels. It is easy to put together, and we can declare it reliable and secure as it meets the JPMA standards for bassinets.


  • Most moms consider it cost-friendly
  • It comes along with a high-quality matching sheet


  • It does not rock on its own
  • May need batteries due to the many features it has like the night lamp

4. Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

This bassinet company has served for more than two decades and has been granted a Gold Award from Mom’s Choice Awards. You will love this bassinet as the baby has his/her own space and is safe within arm’s reach at night.

It comes along with a hard but comfy mattress pad, with a mattress protector that is detachable and washable.  You can store any miscellaneous at the side pockets.

Your baby will grow with it from a bed-side sleeper to a free-standing bassinet and later convert it to a play yard. You can use it as a bassinet up to 5 months or until the baby is able to push up its hands and knees.

If the adult bed heights measure 24’’, this is the ideal bassinet. No worries if the bed height is greater, for you can purchase a Leg Extension Kit. It is easy to set up, to move around and suits diaper changing.

The 4-inch sleeping nest height, the nylon strap and plate provides a secure and relaxed nap for your little angel.  It has meshed sides thus the air seep through well. This bassinet provides a flat firm surface approved for SIDS risk.


  • Easy to set up and to move around
  • Can convert to a play yard


  • It is heavy but strong

5. Green Frog Gentle Rocking Bassinet

This is a unique bassinet designed with low height ensuring the safety of your preemie. The two transparent meshed windows on each side allow you to have a glimpse of the baby at any moment. This also enables proper circulation of air. Its modern and classy look can align perfectly with any interior decor.

It is a light-weight but sturdy bassinet that is easy to assemble and disassemble. The set of Snap-On-legs and rockers can be set up or taken down easily. The four inbuilt wheels easily glide around, thus portable and it comes along with a colorful storage bag for travelling.

The mattress pad is firm enough for a preemie, ensuring a comfy sleep solution. It is accompanied by a washable and attractive mattress cover and sheet.

You will love this bassinet as it can rock the baby to sleep due to its gentle rocking feature.


  • Meshed windows thus proper ventilation
  • Light-weight
  • Comes with a stylish storage bag


  • Thin but comfy mattress pad

Considerations When Choosing the Best Bassinet for a Preemie

1. Meshed Zones

Some bassinets have two meshed zones while others have four. We consider this as an essential element to ensure proper air circulation to avoid risks of suffocation. This can also work as windows to see through the baby.

2. Sleeping Nest Height

We recommend the depth of the bassinet to be not less than 250 mm when measured from the top surface of the mattress pad to the upper edge of the bassinet. This assures that the bassinet is deep enough and the baby will not fall out.

3. Adjustable Height

It is the best choice to monitor your baby regularly.  To avoid frequent wakeups, ensure your baby co-sleeper or standalone bassinet align perfectly to your bed. This can be aided by adjustable legs. Most bassinets can adjust up to a 6-inch height, while some can fail to adjust to such extended height. There is always an option to purchase a Leg Extension Kit that helps to extend the height of such bassinets.

4. Firm but Comfy Mattress and Washable Cover

We recommend a flat firm mattress pad so as to avoid SIDS risks.  This will also ensure a perfect sleep solution for your baby.

The mattress cover should be preferably removable and washable so as to clean any unavoidable baby spills. No gaps should be left between the edge of the mattress and the sides of your bed.

5. Portability

Since a bassinet is smaller than a crib, it can be convenient for travelling.  A bassinet for travelling should be light-weight, easily folded and easy to move around.

One should consider the one with a sturdy set of wheels; most preferably, the wheels should have locks to avoid unnecessary moves while you want the bassinet to be in a stationary mode.

For a foldable bassinet, you should check the latching system.

6. Storage

A bassinet with a storage basket will make nursing the baby an easy duty since you can store all the baby essentials within your reach.

Some bassinets will have a large storage basket divided into several compartments, while others will have multiple side pockets. Consider the one that best suits your needs.

7. Functionality

A bassinet may serve as a co-sleeper, a standalone bassinet. Some can be used as changing tables, while others can even convert to a play yard.

Always consider the one that will best suit your needs as well as those of your little angel.

Bottom Line

With so much anxiety as you shop for the baby bassinet. Take into account the needs and requirements of your little angel. Don’t allow different brand options to confuse you as you shop, always research maximally before purchasing. I am sure, in the end, all you want is your baby to be happy and enjoy your parenthood.

Although your baby will outgrow a bassinet quite fast, ensure you make a wise choice so that you shop for a perfect baby bassinet that will offer comfort and security to your tot!

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