Top 5 Best Bassinets for Twins (2021 Reviews)

Are you expecting twins? Be prepared to receive double tons of joy but also expect double responsibilities and expenses. You will need to prepare and modify the house so that it can accommodate those 2 tiny humans, which is a big deal as you are already exhausted of the pregnancy journey.

Loll! We have sorted you in the sleeping arrangements of your two angels. Remember, babies grow during their sleep and thus offer the safest and comfiest sleep solution to your two munchkins and experience remarkable growth.

Twins bassinet will satisfy the sleeping needs of your little ones. Babies will be close to you as they enjoy their own space. As they are made of soft fabric, they will offer a comfy sleeping environment to the tiny humans.

Maybe you are wondering on whether to purchase 2 self-standing bassinets for the twins or to purchase twins bassinet. We suggest you opt for a twin bassinet as it will offer a platform for the babies to bond. Moreover, it will cost less than purchasing 2 self-standing ones.

We have highlighted the best bassinets for twins that must satisfy your babies’ sleeping needs plus a buying guide that will assist you when purchasing one. Let’s see through:

5 Best Twin Bassinets-Little folks Twin Bassinets

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play with Bassinet for Twins

Best 2-in-1; Playard +Bassinet

This is our favorite, as it is a great option for your 2 munchkins. We can denote this as the best 2-in-1 option as it is both a Playard with bassinet for twins.

The twins’ bassinet offers the best spots for relaxing and napping. Attached is a thick mattress pad enhancing coziness. In addition, canopies are strategically placed to protect each baby from bright light as they nap. Use it for overnight sleep, but don’t forget to monitor the 2 little angels constantly.

With the weight limit for the bassinet as 15 lbs per child, maximize its use too as a playard until the babies outweigh 30 pounds or exceed 35 inches in height or when they attempt to climb out.

To convert it to a pack n play, detach the bassinet part, which is combined together by removing some screws and the remaining bottom part, use it as a playard. It is roomy enough for much fun!

The meshed sides ensure proper air circulation, preventing any risk of suffocation. It is made of plastic and metal, thus a good combination for sturdiness.

Travelling is made a breeze with this purchase as it folds down very easily, perfectly fitting in the carrying bag. 2 straps are provided to tighten it once you fold so that it can fit snugly.

When folded, it occupies a space of 35 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches with a weight of 30 lbs, thus portable enough. Its dimensions are 46 x 35 x 34 inches favoring both short/tall stature moms. In case you want to purchase another mattress pad, 41 by 28.5 inches is a perfect fit.


  • The Playard is larger than the standard pack n play
  • Your little babes will have ample room to sleep and play
  • A removable mattress pad for the bassinet is included in your purchase
  • Has wheels to necessitate easier mobility from room to room as the babies relax on the bassinets


  • The 2 bassinets share the same base
  • With its design of one mattress pad shared by both babes, they may end up sinking in the middle or remaining at the edges

2. Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center

Best Rock-a-Bye Bassinets

This is our second favorite! You will love this twin’s nursery center with 2 complete rock-a-bye bassinets that are removable and a playard.

The bassinets are positioned side by side, each with its own canopy and carry handle. For the playard it has the wheels which enable easier movement and the brakes which enable you to reduce or stop the motion of the wheels.

You have the option to detach the bassinets and transform them to carry handy baskets. Moreover, convert it to a playard on a flat surface after detaching the bassinets.

Let the babies have fun with this nursery center since the entertainment center is where you may choose a calming melody and switch on the vibration feature and the nightlight when the babies wake up during the night. The 2 toys dangling on each bassinet may excite the babies as they relax.

Rely on this for use at night since there is an attached changing table for diaper changing at night that can flip away after use and an organizer where you can store the diapers and wipes for convenience. The meshed sides will ensure breathability hence no risks of suffocation.

Use it as playard until the babies exceed 30 lbs in weight or 25 inches in height and as bassinets until they are 12 lbs each or 22 inches in height. A convenient nursery center for travelling as it’s foldable and is accompanied by a travel tote bag.


  • The bassinets are made of very soft material thus cozy enough
  • A mattress pad is included, no extra purchase
  • Easy to assemble


  • You may require 4 AA batteries for music center to function
  • It is not machine washable

3. Simmons Kids Height Adjustable Bassinet for Twins

Best Bedside Sleeper for Newborn Twins

This is a great option for your newborn twins. They will remain close to you as they enjoy their own space. Moreover, the needs of breastfeeding moms or those who underwent C-section have been taken care of with this classy bassinet since one can constantly glimpse on the babies at night without a struggle.

Its unique features of 5 adjustable heights, a slim base with wheels that easily glides under the parent bed and its use as a co-sleeper enables you to align the bassinet to any parent bed height; thereby maintaining an eye level position with your babes.

The meshed divider enables the babies to have a view of each other. As for the meshed sides, maximum ventilation and visibility are assured.

Your storage needs are taken care of as there are several pockets on the sides to store baby essentials such as diapers, sanitizing wipes or pacifiers.

No extra costs are incurred since this bassinet is accompanied by a mattress pad and removable sheets. Not only is the outer fabric removable, but it is also machine washable, making it a wonder!

You will love its availability in grey color, a neutral color that can perfectly align with any interior decor. Easily move around your twins with the aid of rolling wheels.

This is a safe and quality bassinet that does not compromise as it is JPMA certified since it has met all CPSC and ASTM safety standards. The maximum weight limit is 30 lbs in total; 15 lbs per child. It is recommended for babies less than 5 months of age.


  • Utilizes minimal space
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It has 5 adjustable heights
  • Can act as a standalone and as bedside bassinet
  • Has solid construction


  • We wish it could be available in brighter colors, perhaps a pink theme for female twins

4. Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper

Best bassinet with a 360 degrees rotation

This is another excellent option for babies to enjoy their own space as they sleep close to you. Its unique feature of 360 degrees rotation makes it a marvel as you will readily monitor and attend to any baby at the comfort of your seat or bed.

All nights with your twins are made a breeze since each side wall will lower with a touch for easier convenience to attend to the babies. This will best favor moms recovering from C-sections. In case you are scared of the babies’ safety, lock the sides in an upright position.

The meshed divider enables the babies to see each other and as for the sides, they are meshed too for maximum air circulation.

You will love the 3 soothing lullabies, 3 nature sounds, a vibration unit with 2 levels, a soft nightlight and a back to bed reminder, which will need 3AA batteries to function. All these features will make nursing a breeze!

If the parent bed ranges from 24-34 inches in height, adjust the bassinet’s height to align with the parent bed. You can even tuck it under the bed to save on space. House any baby essential for use at night in the 2 storage pockets.

This purchase is accompanied by 2 mattress pads; water-resistant ones, 4 fitted sheets; 2 are of polyester material and the other 2 are 100% cotton made. Fitting the sheets is easy since the mattress pads are separate.

Maximally utilize it until the babies outweigh 40 lbs, 20 lbs per child.


  • No frame retardants on the product thus very safe with no health effects
  • Putting it up is all easy
  • Seems sturdy to support both babies


  • Not foldable thus doesn’t suit vacations
  • Has no rolling wheels to ease mobility

5. Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center

Best for small spaces

This purchase will include a bassinet and a changing table. Since fun and sleep go hand in hand, you will need to purchase a compatible playard separately to complete it.

You will love the roomy bassinet capable of accommodating even triplets. In addition, it is deep enough, its height favoring moms who underwent C section.

This is a space saver as it will save you tons of space. You will love its foldable design when you want to store it.

The changing table, which is approximately 38 by 16 inches, is waterproof; thus, any diaper blowouts will be wiped easily. Simply remove it after use or just flip it over. You have the option to machine wash the changing pad.

Maximum visibility and ventilation is a guarantee since the sides are meshed. The divider is removable. You will zip it up when you want each baby to enjoy its own space

Be assured of its coziness as the padding that provides the base of the bassinet is thick enough. Its construction of plastic and metal combination guarantees sturdiness.

The weight recommendation of the bassinet is 30 lbs, 15 lbs for each child while that of the changing table is 25 lbs.


  • Changing pad provided is machine washable
  • The bassinet is large enough
  • It folds easily for storage purposes
  • Accompanied by a changing table
  • It has a thick padded base


  • The divider is not meshed hence associates with risk of suffocation
  • You will spend some extra money on purchasing a playard

Buying Guide

Consider These Tips When Shopping for Twins’ Bassinet:


We can recommend a roomy bassinet for twins, one that will provide ample space for fun and sleep. Remember, it is 2 babies, not just 1; hence enough space will enhance enough breathability. There will be enough air for both babes.


Ensure you choose a bassinet that can offer optimal functionality. Is it sturdy enough to support 2 babies? Can it be converted to a playpen or will you need to incur extra cost to purchase one? Bassinets that can perform many duties will save you on cost, plus satisfy babies’ sleep needs and fun moments.


Since bassinets are made of fabric, unlike cribs which are made of wood, ensure the bassinet you intend to buy is made of soft fabric. A combination of plastic plus soft fabric will ensure sturdiness while enhancing comfort to your little angels.


A certified bassinet implies that it has met all safety standards and in most cases, will cause no health effects. Ensure you purchase a bassinet approved by either JPMA, CPSC or ASTM.

Storage pockets/ organizers

Some twins bassinets will come equipped with multiple side pockets, while others will have one organizer divided into different compartments. All these will fulfill your storage needs as you will house the baby essentials for use-at-night at arm’s reach.

Adjustable height

All babies need constant glances while they are napping. For easier convenience, choose a bassinet with adjustable heights. This will ensure it aligns perfectly to the height of the parent bed; thus, you can attend to the babies at the comfort of your bed.


Twins bassinets with canopies will shield the babies against bright light. Moreover, there will be minimal chances of disturbance while the babies are napping or relaxing.

Meshed Sides

Bassinets with meshed sides are the best choice as they will allow maximum ventilation plus visibility. You will view the baby easily via the tiny holes plus air will freely flow in and out of the bassinet.

Meshed Divider

A divider is only crucial when the twin bassinet doesn’t have 2 separate bassinets. It ensures that each baby has and enjoys its own space. A meshed divider is recommended as it will allow breathability. You will be assured your babies are safe no matter which side they face.

Rolling wheels

Wheels will aid in easier mobility as you move your babies from room to room.

Mattress pads

Always select a bassinet with thick mattress pads. 2 separate mattress pads could be the best choice since fitting of the sheets will be easy. A soft but firm mattress is recommended. Ensure it is also tight-fitting leaving no gaps at the edges.


Bassinets are much easier to carry for a vacation so as to satisfy your babies’ sleep needs compared to a baby crib. Thus a more foldable twin bassinet may be a good choice as it will fit in a carrying/travelling bag and ease portability.

Easy assembly

Avoid that hassle of hard assembling and go for that choice of twins’ bassinet with minimal and simple set-up processes.

Extra features

You can also opt for twins’ bassinets with unique features such as night light, an entertainment center with soothing lullabies and nature songs or those with a rocking feature. All these are spices to a bassinet. In most cases, you may need batteries for the music center to function.

Bottom Line

With this thoroughly researched review, you will ultimately shop like a boss for your twins’ bassinet. You will never regret selecting any of our choices as all are uniquely designed to satisfy twins’ sleeping needs while enhancing much comfort and fun. These tips will enable you to purchase the nearly perfect twins bassinet that will suit your needs!

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