Best Bottles for Tongue Tied Babies (2021 Reviews)

“Tongue Tie” is a condition seen in newborns when the lingual frenulum (the connecting membrane that supports the tongue) has a defect in attachment, length, consistency or a combination of any of these factors. It is also known as “Ankyloglossia.”

This interferes with tongue mobility; thus, tongue-tied babies experience difficulties when breast or bottle feeding as they will have problems to latch on to the breast as well as to maintain proper suction.

Problems Associated With Tongue-Tied Babies

  • Difficulties to latch onto the mother’s breast leading to nipple damage.
  • The baby produces clicking sounds as he fails to maintain proper suction.
  • When feeding on a fast-flowing nipple, the baby may be choked.
  • Frequents breast/ bottle feedings since he is not able to feed enough.
  • Frustrating weight gain due to poor feeding.
  • The baby may develop colic or reflux.

Problems Associated To Nursing Moms With Tongue-Tied Babies

  • Mastitis, which is inflammation of the breast due to ineffective milk removal.
  • The insufficient latching attributes pain in the mother’s nipple.
  • Reduced milk production.
  • Ending breastfeeding earlier than expected.

When your baby has this issue, you can minimize health issues associated with both mommy and baby by using pumping and bottle feeding system. This system will substitute normal breastfeeding but still work effectively to help gain baby’s weight for healthy growth. At this point, you will need to invest in feeding bottles that will favor your baby for that comfy feeding to avoid colic.

After our thorough research of examining a variety of bottles, we ended up with these 3 choices that will transform those fussy feedings to comfy ones. Our options will enable a natural latch and prevent colic and reflux. Let us explore this guide:

Reviews of the Best Bottles for Tongue-Tied and Lip-Tied Babies (Best 3 Choices)

1. Tommee Tippee Baby Feeding Bottles

Best Bottle for a Natural Latch

Perhaps your baby with a tongue-tied issue is not able to latch onto the breast well and even damages your nipples! This is a great choice that will substitute mommy’s breast and perform its job effectively.

You will experience nothing like nipple confusion with this choice as it’s breast-like shaped and the baby won’t even note the difference as he will continue experiencing a natural latch. It flexes just like mommy’s breast. Besides, the nipple area is silky soft and it feels like a breast touch.

Since the baby may experience some difficulties to latch on the bottle nipple, have no worries as it is designed with an anti-colic valve near the nipple, which will aid in minimizing airflow; thus, the baby will ingest more of the milk and less of the air.

The slow flow nipples are a great feature that makes it ideal for your tongue-tied baby as he won’t choke while feeding.

Besides, feeding is made easier with this bottle as you have 3 different ways to hold it; you won’t lack a suitable style that will suit your tot.

Entrust it with your little one as it is a safe product, free from BPA and phthalate. You will love your purchase of 6 vibrant bottles that will transform those fussy feedings to comfy ones.


  • The nipple is super easy to clean
  • So easy to trace them as they are available in vibrant colors
  • It is dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer safe
  • Has measurement markings on the sides making feeding a breeze
  • Made of safe materials free from BPA and phthalate


  • You will need to replace the nipples often as they get damaged when the baby bite with the teeth

2. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Best for Reflux

This MAM feeding bottle has been created with a lot of expertise to prevent reflux, colic and gas to babies. Be assured of a comfy feeding with this level 1 (5 oz.) slow flow nipple bottle.

It mimics the mummy’s breast for that natural feeding experience as it has a smooth and flat shaped nipple that fits perfectly in the baby’s mouth. 

Its intuitive design makes it very convenient to hold it while feeding the baby. Moreover, it has a wide opening that reassures easier cleaning and filling without spilling the milk.

The vented base is a bonus to control the flow of the milk as it eliminates bubbles and foam forming, thus preventing colic, gas and reflux.

It is an economical purchase that includes 3 bottles with soft, slow flow nipples, thus suits a tongue-tied baby as the baby won’t be choked by the overflow while feeding.

You have 3 color options to select your favorite; white, blue or pink.


  • It is CPSC certified as it’s made of materials that are BPA, BPS and lead-free
  • It is quite affordable
  • You can dish wash the bottle
  • The bottle has very smooth nipples that mimic the breast


  • The wide opening may cause leakages when the bottle parts are not fitted properly

3. Kiinde Twist Squeeze Baby Breast Milk Feeding Bottle with Nipples and Case

Best Pumping and Feeding System for Tongue-Tied Babies

Best for working moms

As a parent, you may be experiencing pain at the breast while breastfeeding your tot with a tongue-tied issue. You may even be experiencing signs of mastitis that is inflammation of the breast due to ineffective milk removal.

With this unique purchase, all your breastfeeding struggles are minimized as you will comfortably pump the milk from your breast, store, and feed the baby with only one bag.

The purchase is a marvel as it includes 2 bottles, which are pouch holders, 2 nipples; one with a slow flow active latch and the other with a medium flow. The nipples have cases to keep them safe and clean when not in use for that hygienic feeding.

All you will do is to collect your breast milk directly into the twist pouch and then you insert the bag/pouch into the bottle. After that, you will insert your nipple choice. After you are done with feeding, all you will do is to toss the bag and the only thing that you will wash is the nipple.

While feeding, the pouch will reduce its size; thus no air will form hence more of milk intake and no air intake preventing any instance of colic. Besides, the nipples are oval-shaped for an airtight seal as the baby feed; hence no space for air inflow.

The pouches are leak-proof; hence they won’t spill the milk and freezer proof; thus, you will conveniently store them in the fridge.

With the slow flow nipple, your little one with a tongue-tied issue will enjoy a natural feeding of low suction just like mummy’s breast. The materials used to make the nipples are BPA and phthalate-free hence safe for the tiny human.


  • You have no bottles to wash, just the nipples
  • No air in the baby’s meal
  • No milk transfers hence a very hygienic bottle feeding system
  • The nipples are dishwasher safe
  • Most nipples from other brands can perfectly fit the pouches
  • Super easy feeding method


  • It may be quite expensive to use this system as the pouches are disposable, but worth for a tongue-tied baby as you will reduce the risk of mastitis due to ineffective milk removal

Can Tongue-Tied issues on Babies be Fixed?

Luckily, this condition is easy to correct. A minor surgery which involves a simple snip of the connecting membrane under the tongue with a micro scissor is what that can be done to fix the issue.

Health practitioners recommend this issue to be corrected during the first six months of age, as there is little to no feeling in this area for infants. After the problem is corrected, babies will resume to normal feeding and nursing.

Considerations When Choosing a Feeding Bottle for your Tongue Tied Baby

  • Nipple

We can recommend an oval-shaped nipple for an airtight seal as the baby feed hence no space for air inflow. This will prevent instances of colic. The nipple that flexes as the baby feed is an excellent choice.

  • Vented Design

Vented design in bottles helps to control the flow of the milk. It eliminates bubbles and foam-forming, thus preventing colic, gas and reflux.

  • The Shape of the Bottle

Consider the bottle that will mimic the mummy’s breast. If it almost resembles the breast, the baby won’t fuss while feeding with it.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Invest in a bottle that is easy to clean for hygienic feeding. One with a wide opening will make cleaning easier. Moreover, it will make filling easy without splitting the milk. A dishwasher safe option will simplify cleaning processes. However, it is recommendable to wash feeding baby bottles with hot water and soap.

Wrap Up

Consult your midwife or health practitioner who can assist you solve this issue. Nevertheless, the 3 choices above have key features that favor feeding a tongue-tied baby without a fuss. We hope your baby enjoys a happy feeding for that healthy growth!

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