11 Best Cribs for Short Moms (2021 Reviews)

Are you a short stature mom, super excited about your tiny human arrival? I am pretty sure you are thoughtful of where your little one will sleep. All you need is a safe, secure and comfy crib that will favor your short height to make nursing duties a breeze.

Using a tall crib will always be a struggle as you will be forced to stretch yourself while placing the baby in or out of the crib. You may end up developing back pains and stomach pains as you are recovering from childbirth. Oops! You may even fall over the crib!

We have sorted you by identifying the best low profile cribs that will favor a petite mom and make parenting duties easy. Our crib choices range from 25 inches to 36 inches high and will suit a mom who has a 5.5-inch height and below.

You will love our choices as most are versatile enough to serve you from infant stages to adolescence stages as they convert from baby crib to toddler daybed all the way to full-size bed. Moreover, each has a distinct feature that distinguishes it from the other, thus will serve petite moms with varying needs.

Let’s see through the guide;

Best Low Profile Cribs for Petite Moms Reviews

1. Babyletto Harlow Acrylic 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Stylish Crib

Dimensions: 53.4 X 30 X 34.7 inches

Harlow Acrylic 3-in-1 is a great option from Babyletto Brand. A stylish, beautiful crib with an acrylic front that enhances its overall complexion giving it an expensive look. Each acrylic slat measures 2 inches with a space of 1.87 ‘’ in between. Be assured of their smooth edges.

Putting it together is all easy, whether you want to convert it to a baby crib, toddler bed or daybed. Adjust the mattress level to the best setting from the 4 heights choices to suit each conversion.

As for safety measures, the back is designed with black/white vertical woods with a space of 1.1 inches in between. All ASTM and CPSC safety standards have been met. The non-toxic finishing is a bonus.

Furnish your baby’s room with this appealing crib that will transform it to a modernized nursery. Purchase a mattress fitting of 51.6 by 27.2 inches with a 5-inch thickness to complete the crib.


  • A sturdy crib with a sleek design
  • The mattress level adjusts to 4 different settings
  • The acrylic front design enhances easier viewing of the baby with a monitor
  • A toddler bed rail is included


  • You purchase a crib mattress separately

2. Lotus Travel Crib

Best Portable Crib

Dimensions: 46 X 31 X 25.5 inches

Lotus is a very lightweight crib that is portable enough to suit everywhere. It is a great option for use at home, at playgroup, and across town.

It perfectly fit vacation time since you will set it up within 15 seconds and lay it on the surface as it is floor level crib. It folds up into a compact design and fits in a backpack carrying case, freeing your hands to attend to your little human. Moreover, it weighs only 13 lbs, thus super easy for airport travel.

With the zipper option, open the side door and climb in with your little one to have mommy-baby playtime. You can also lull your baby to sleep and later close it.

The clear view mesh at the top allows proper air circulation while necessitating constant glances to your babe as he/she enjoys the moments.

This is Safe for you and your little one as it is Green Guard Gold Certified, an assurance of safe and quality crib. Moreover, no toxic contents have been used in its making.

The purchase is a marvel as you will receive a crib accompanied by a mattress and carrying case which can convert to a backpack. The mattress is thick and soft but firm enough to support any weight unless the toddler exceeds 42 inches length since the crib has no weight limit as it is a floor level crib.


  • Has a robust zipper
  • Very easy for the baby to crawl in and out of the crib
  • Very lightweight thus portable enough even on planes
  • The frames have solid construction
  • Has a water-resistant thick mattress pad


  • Sheets are not included in your purchase

3. BabyBJorn Travel Crib

Best Travel Crib

Dimensions: 32.283 X 44.094 X 25.197 inches

This crib is the shortest in our list, suiting your short vacations to relatives’ place with your little angel! As for use-at-home, or taking it to your daycare service provider’s house; it is also a great deal. A cute carrying case is a bonus to necessitate travelling with it.

Its meshed sides made of very soft fabric will offer proper air circulation; thus, no possible instances of suffocation as you easily glance at your little one. This crib offers a sleep haven for your newborn up to toddler age around 3 years.

Setting it up, talking it down or folding it is all effortless; a minute is more than enough. Machine wash all the crib textiles when dirty, but remember not to tumble dry.

A perfect choice for petite moms since you just lay it down on any surface, a 64 cm height is approximately 25.197 inches, which is super convenient.

As for the mattress pad, it seems thick and cozy to many users, an assurance of a comfy crib. Safety comes hand in hand with this crib since it has met all Oeko-Tex standards, including no harmful contents in its making. In addition, a durable soft fabric that is baby-friendly has been used in its making.


  • A carrying case is included which is not only cute but also durable
  • Fit through doorways thus best for travelling
  • A mattress pad is included hence no extra costs incurred


  • May seem huge when folded to some users
  • For a fitting sheet, you purchase it separately

4. Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Crib with a Changing Table

Dimensions: 29.5 X 71.8 X 35.9 inches

Graco Remi is an elegant crib that will modernize your nursery. There are a variety of non-toxic finishes themes to select your preference that will align with your home decor. Rely on this 4-in-1 convertible crib throughout the baby’s growing stages up to the teen stage where you will convert it to a full-sized bed.

You will love the changing table plus a water-resistant vinyl changing pad, which is 703 mm by 425 mm, all included in your purchase. Also, an adjustable safety strap is provided for extra safety.

As for the storage needs, they have been taken care of; store baby essentials in the 3 drawers provided, one large drawer beneath the mattress is a bonus to accommodate even the baby’s beddings. 2 open shelves spice it all up as you can place baby oil for diapering.

Follow the pictorial illustrations to assemble it easily. Purchase a standard size mattress, which is 6 inches thick to complete its look.

After setting it up, the result is a sturdy crib made of solid pine wood and composites. Moreover, it is JPMA certified and meets all CPSC safety standards.

For a petite mom, you will not have difficulties in picking or placing down the baby as this crib is approximately 3 feet tall with 3 different height positions.


  • Easy conversion from a crib to a toddler bed/daybed and finally to a full-sized bed
  • Many storage spots unlike other cribs
  • JPMA certified


  • May take some time in assembling since the pieces are not labelled and may look similar
  • While converting to a full-sized bed, one purchases the frames separately

5. Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib

Best Rocking Crib for Newborns

Dimensions: 38.4 X 26.1 X 35 inches

This is the most unique in our list, with it has removable castors and locking wheels. A very classy crib, not like normal baby cribs we are used to. With its unique small size, easily move it from room to room. Moreover, it will occupy limited space in the nursery.

Entrust it to your newborn with relief since it has non-toxic finishes, free from lead and phthalate. In addition, it will serve the role of a bassinet as you can use it as a co-sleeper in the early months. Unlike bassinets, this one has a sturdy construction, thus offering a haven for your little one.

The wheels roll and also lock; rolling wheels guarantees easier mobility as you move the crib while locking wheels give you the option to maintain a stationary position for safety.

The rocking feature enables you to rock your little human to sleep without necessarily holding him, a breeze on fussy nights. All you need is to take the wheels off and gently rock the baby.

3 adjustable mattress heights make it convenient to grow with your baby as you will lower the mattress height at toddler stage. It is a great option for short moms or dads as it is super short with a height of 35 inches.

Although it is accompanied by an I-inch mattress pad, purchase a crib mattress with a thickness ranging from 5-6 inches for maximum comfort of your little one


  • It is Green Guard Gold certified; thus, it does not compromise on safety and quality.
  • Simple and attractive
  • Has Rolling wheels for easier mobility
  • Fit in doorways, very convenient to move from room to room
  • A space saver


  • You incur an extra cost to purchase a thick mattress

6. Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Versatile Crib with a Sleigh Style Design

Dimensions: 54.5 X 42 X 35 inches

Be certain to trust Davinci products as this brand has served for over 25 years providing quality baby products. This is not an exception as it has been relied upon for more than 10 years. It’s sturdily made to support up to 50 pounds of baby weight.

You will love its versatile design that will cater you and your baby from nursery stages all the way to teen stages. This is made possible by the easy conversion from a crib to a toddler bed /daybed and finally to a full-sized bed for your teen child.

With its 4 adjustable mattress level, maximize its convenience as you utilize it up to teen stages. You will love its gentle curves with smooth edges throughout.

For petite moms, comfortably lay your baby even at the lowest setting as its height of 35 inches can best suit you. Easy assembly is a guarantee as the guidelines are simple to understand as you put together the 14 pieces.

As it is Green Guard Gold Certified entrust it to your baby as it will offer the safest environment for your baby to sleep. Moreover, it has met all ASTM and CPSC standards while containing non-toxic finishes for maximum safety.

Complete its look with a standard size mattress crib. You can purchase crib rail protectors to maximize its durability since the softwood is prone to scratches so that you maintain its beautiful look. This brings the urge to monitor your babe when he is the toothing stage


  • Toddler rails are included to aid in conversion to a toddler bed/daybed
  • 2 inches difference between the rails maximize safety
  • Solid New Zealand Pine Wood has been used in its construction making it a sturdy and reliable crib


  • Wood may scratch easily
  • Purchase a mattress crib separately

7. Union 2-1n-1 Convertible Crib

Best Affordable Baby Crib

Dimensions: 53.5 X 30.5 X 33.5 inches

This is an attractive, simple staple that can well align with any nursery themes. The many color options to select your favorite is a spice in this.

It has a solid construction as it is made from New Zealand Pine. There are metal springs to support the mattress, which produces no sounds when the baby turns.

Easily adjust the mattress level to suit different growth stages, a hex wrench is a special tool included for adjusting any of the 4 height settings.

As it is Green Guard Gold Certified, it includes neither lead nor phthalate contents in its finishing. Moreover, all ASTM and CPSC standards have been met; this guarantees a safe sleeping space for your little one.

We can recommend to you a natural theme color in case your baby is the toothing stage, to avoid instances of peeling and eating paints.


  • Super easy in assembling it
  • Can convert to a day bed
  • An affordable crib


  • Purchase a standard size mattress at an added cost

8. Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

Best Convertible Crib

Dimensions: 55.75 X 30.25 X 35 inches

This classy crib with a silhouette design will be utilized up to adolescence age. With its bell-shaped headboard, you are lucky as you will easily convert it to a full-sized bed. The only thing you will purchase at this time is a full-size bed frame.

Just like many other cribs in our list, Delta Children Emery Crib is also designed with 3 adjustable mattress positions to grow with your little one. Assembling is all easy; all hardware, including the screws, are all included in your main purchase.

Although it seems heavy to move around, it’s because of its sturdy construction; thus, safety will be guaranteed throughout, up to adolescence stage. Slats with a 2-inch space difference in all the sides maximize on security while offering proper air circulation.

As a parent, don’t be tempted to lay on the baby’s crib to soothe him even on fussy nights as you would end up creating an unsafe sleeping environment for your little one.

Some users complain of a smell after assembling; in such cases, you can use baking soda, add some water and spray the crib or assemble the crib and leave it in a well-ventilated room for at least 3 days.

Although the height denotes 42 inches, the side with short rails measures approximately 36 inches, thus a favorable choice for petite moms.


  • It is JPMA approved as it has complied with all CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • The many color options will enable you to choose one that will align with the nursery theme
  • A 4-in-1 convertible crib


  • You purchase the mattress and the full-size bed frame separately
  • A bit heavy due to its solid construction

9. Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Crib

Best Multi-Tasker Crib

Dimensions: 39 X 23 X 36 inches

You will love this spacious multi-tasker, a 4-in-1 crib that will convert from a crib, to a daybed, which can also act as a co-sleeper and to a twin bed where you can attach or detach the footboard. All these conversions will fit in your small space.

Its dimensions of 36 inches height will favor a petite mom. Its 4 positions mattress height, which is adjustable, makes it a marvel! The perfect mattress fit is 38 by 24 inches.

For your preemie, you can place the mattress at the highest height for easier glancing while napping. As the baby starts to stand on its own, set the mattress to the lowest height to reduce the risk of falling. This crib will accommodate your baby up to toddler stages with a weight limit of 50 lbs.

Its simple design and variety of beautiful color themes enhance alignment with any interior decor.

Wondering of its durability, solid pinewood has been used in its making. As for safety, the furnishing paints used are free from phthalate and lead; thus, are non-toxic and won’t compromise with the baby’s health.

When well assembled, no gaps are left on the sides between the mattress and the crib. As it has a rail design, you can always add rails to maximize on your little babe safety.


  • Meet ASTM and CPSC safety standards
  • Assembling is easy with its easy to follow guidelines
  • Lightweight thus easy to move
  • A sturdy crib
  • Plenty of room for the baby to grow with


  • Assemble gently lest you scratch some paints on the furniture

10. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Eco-friendly Stylish Crib

Dimensions: 53.5 X 29 X 35 inches

This is also another modernized sturdy crib from Babyletto brand. It is Green Guard Gold certified and meets all the safety measures; thus, an eco-friendly crib that does not compromise.

You will use it for long up to toddler stages as you can convert it to a toddler bed or daybed. No more spending with this as a toddler bed conversion kit is included in your main purchase. Maximize its use as a crib until the baby exceeds 50 lbs or is 35 inches in height.

Considering it is 35 inches high, the 4 mattress height settings will favor a short mom making it convenient for use without a struggle even when the mattress is placed at the lowest height setting. A standard mattress size of 51. 625 by 27.25 inches may be a perfect fit with a thickness ranging from 5 to 6 inches.

As it is made of New Zealand pine wood, be assured of its durability, making it a firm crib to support your baby. Moreover, it is lightweight for easier moving.

The furnishing is nontoxic with neither lead nor phthalate contents; thus, no adverse health effects to the baby.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • A sturdy crib
  • Meet all CPSC and ASTM Standards
  • Accompanied by a toddler rail


  • The warning sticker is quite visible

11. Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib

Best 4-1n-1 Functional Crib

Dimensions: 54.5 X 30.8 X 34 inches

This crib is made by the Storkcraft brand; a highly recommended brand that won the 2018 Women’s Choice Award as the America’s Most Recommended Baby Furniture.

It’s both classy and functional with solid wood construction, making it a sturdy crib. Spring metals have been attached to support the mattress. With its beautiful finishes, a modernized nursery is a sure bet.

The 3 mattress settings, when measured from the floor to the top of the mattress position, are 7.45, 10.44, and 13.44 inches for the lower level, middle level and highest level, respectively. The highest level seems low, favoring small stature moms.

Convert it to a toddler bed/daybed when your child exceeds 35 inches in height, or when the baby starts to climb out. In this case, remember to lower the mattress height to the lowest setting and also remove the front rail.

This crib has been certified by JPMA and has meet all CPSC and ASTM standards. This is a clear indication that with this crib, safety is a guarantee.


  • Has a very solid construction but lightweight
  • Labelled pieces thus super easy to assemble
  • Convertible to a full-sized bed


  • For a conversion kit, incur an extra cost by purchasing it separately
  • The mattress support is metal spring made and it may produce noise as it ages, when the baby turns

Considerations When Choosing the Best Crib for Short Moms

  • Height of the Crib

This is the most crucial aspect to check when shopping for a baby crib as a petite mom. A short mom may have a height of 5 inches and below. A crib measuring 36 inches high and below will always favor you. Avoid tall cribs as they will cause you to strain and you may develop back pains or stomach pains.

  • Does the Crib Meet the Safety Standards?

Any baby crib in the market should be approved by one of the bodies; ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), JPMA (Junior Products Manufacturers Association) or Green Guard Gold Certified Product.

Ensure you purchase a crib that meets all the safety standards as it is the safest for your baby. This implies that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical contents in its making.

  • Adjustable Mattress Height

A crib with varying mattress heights is always a great choice. 3 height settings are a marvel as you will use the highest height setting when the baby is in infant stages and as he transitions to toddler stages, you will have an option of lowering the mattress level to the lowest height setting.

  • Storage spaces

Some cribs may have storage drawers to store baby essentials for the night. Some may even have a large drawer located underneath the mattress supporter where you can store baby beddings. You can consider such baby crib options especially if you have a small nursery as it will minimize your storage needs

  • Convertible crib

A crib designed to convert from a baby crib to a toddler bed/daybed and finally to a full-size bed is always an excellent choice as it is versatile enough to serve you throughout from infant stages up to adolescence stages. This is cost-efficient as you will pay only once and get 3 to 4 beds, what a marvelous investment!

  • Style

Some cribs are designed in a traditional style, while some have a modern look. In our list, Babyletto Harlow Acrylic 3-in-1 Convertible Crib and Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib are the most stylish cribs with modern designs. Always choose your preferred style that will complement your nursery decor.

  • Sturdy construction

A sturdy crib is always the safest. Most cribs with a solid structure are made of New Zealand Pine Wood.

  • Size

Ensure you purchase a crib that will provide ample space for the baby to nap and relax. While considering the size of the crib, always ascertain the size of your nursery: will the crib fit in my nursery space?

  • Locking castors

Unique features like wheels in a crib allow easier mobility from room to room. In our list, Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib has locking wheels. With this option, you can move around with the baby from room to room and put it in a stationary position as you perform various home chores as the baby enjoys a relaxing spot.

Crib Hacks for Short Moms

Maximally utilize the adjustable mattress height settings: Place the mattress to the highest height setting, especially when the baby is in infant stages. It will save you from stretching much as you are already recovering from childbirth. Remember to lower the mattress to the lowest height setting when the baby transitions to toddler stages.

Use a step stool: You can use a stable step stool to reduce the height distance but only use it on a non-slip surface. Remember, using a step stool may be dangerous as you may trip off and fall while handling the baby.

Ask help from your partner: If by any chance, your hubby is tall, you can always ask for his help to place the baby in or out of the crib. Oops! But only when he is around.

Cut off the legs of the crib: If you had already purchased a tall crib, you could opt to cut off the legs. Remember to cut it to a uniform height to avoid ending with an unstable crib

11 Basic Safety Standards for Baby Cribs

  1. The space between the vertical bars or slates on the baby’s crib should not exceed 2.375 inches wide. This is to prevent the baby’s small body parts from squeezing into the space between the slats.
  2. No vertical slate or bar should be broken.
  3. Both at the headboard or footboard of the crib, no decorative cutouts should exceed 2.375 inches.
  4. Ensure that the baby crib has a non-toxic finishing, free from lead or phthalate, as it will cause no adverse health effects to the baby.
  5. Use a fitting bedding sheet that will perfectly fit the specific crib and the mattress.
  6. Avoid placing plush toys, pillows, baby clothes or any other thing in the crib, especially when the baby is sleeping to avoid suffocation cases.
  7. Never place a crib close to a window or near electric cables that could fall and injure the baby while sleeping.
  8. During the toothing stage, it is recommendable to purchase crib protectors to avoid instances where the baby can eat the paints.
  9. Always purchase certified cribs and those that have adhered to all safety standards.
  10. As a parent, never lay on the baby’s crib to soothe a baby even on fussy nights as you would end up creating an unsafe sleeping environment for your little one.
  11. If by any chance, you smell a nasty odor after assembling, you can use baking soda, add some water and spray the crib or assemble the crib and leave it in a well-ventilated room for at least 3 days.

The Bottom Line

Safety is always our priority when it comes to our little ones! Satisfy their sleeping needs by providing a safe and secure crib that will make napping hours relaxing and cozy enough.

The 11 cribs listed above are designed explicitly for short moms. You will conveniently place your baby in or out of the crib without needing a step stool.

From the choices above, you have the safest and comfiest baby cribs, just choose your preference and enjoy your parenting life!

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