Top 10 Best Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapers (2021 Reviews)

Are you packing for a trip? You have so many baby essentials plus your necessities; it feels like you are preparing for battle! To make it worse, you are a cloth diapering mom! Worry no more, a diaper bag will get into your equation and solve all your questions.

A diaper bag will organize all your baby essentials in the many customized pockets and also house your necessities as a mom or dad in that same bag. Moreover, it will serve as a purse with an anti-theft pocket and as a changer with a matching changing pad.

Regrettably, most diaper bags won’t serve you well. We have done a thorough research and come up with the top 10 best and most preferred diaper bags for cloth diapers that will efficiently serve your needs to tee!

Best and Most Preferred Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapers (Reviews)

1. HSD Diaper Bag Backpack for Men

Best for Daddy

You are a daddy and you don’t want to look girly anymore as you carry a feminine diaper bag?  This amazing, quality bag is a perfect choice as it’s practically made for that tactical dad or mom.

Any adventure with your tot is made easy with this bag, as it can hold ample things without looking overstocked. Accessibility to everything is made easy as tons of compartments enhance the easy arrangement of things.

Two insulated bottle pockets that you can keep a nursing cup for the baby or your bottle of water, a changing pad which is 26 by 14 inches and stroller straps, are unique features that come along with this diaper bag.

Comfort is guaranteed as you wear this bag since its back padded, which enhances the flow of air hence no sweating. The shoulder straps are smoothly shaped plus the removable waist belt and sternum belt aid in carrying a heavy load.

Durability is assured as it’s made of sturdy material which is easy to clean. The YKK zippers are a spice as they work smoothly even with a single hand.

This is a versatile one as you can always use it as a regular pack for any adventure, be it hiking, rock climbing etc. There is a padded interior sleeve where you can keep your laptop, interior hooks for any attachment plus a felt-lined pocket for your mobile phone or sunglasses.

This is exactly what a daddy may need, a super spacious one that will transform him to a rocking dad with his little angel!


  • Comfy padded shoulder straps
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Price may seem high, but worth it

2. Halova Multi-function Waterproof Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

Best for Mommy and Daddy

Halova diaper bag is an amazing, fashionable one that has combined both style and functionality. The main compartment is humongous to store any baby miscellaneous, has several petitioned pockets that ensure kinds of stuff are organized neatly, an anti-theft pocket and a separate damp clothes pocket.

This bag makes nursing easy as the Insulated bottle pockets keep the feeding bottle warm for some time. An elastic band ensure the bottles don’t slip out plus the pockets are tall and deep enough to accommodate any bottle size.

The security issue is a warrant as the main compartment is zippered at the top and not towards the front thus pick pocketing while you are carrying it is made a bit hard. Moreover, it holds its shape when open, making it easy to search for something.

This will last you for years as it’s made of a high-density oxford fabric .it is well constructed, very comfy and appear small when worn. The grap handles and the backpack straps are sturdily attached. A lovely gold zipper plus its stylish design portrays an expensive look. Various neutral and bright colors are there to select your favorite.


  • It is cheap presenting an expensive look
  • Easy to clean the inside lining


  • Straps could have been made a bit longer

3. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Best for its Optimized Functionality

This brand has fully maximized on functionality. It is a roomy one with 14 pockets to house all of the baby essentials plus all your necessities with insulated bottle pockets and easy to grab wipe pockets.

Its backpack design ensures your hands are always free attending to your little angel. Although it doesn’t have stroller straps, use the adjustable straps to fasten it to the stroller.

A free changing pad that is light and soft plus a sundry bag is a bonus that accompanies this bag. The interior color lining is spectacular, enabling you to spot all things conveniently.

Durability with this bag is a warrant as all Zippers open and close smoothly, the fabric which is of high quality and water-repellent is excellently stitched and as per one of our reviews, no rips or tears was experienced.

You can register a lifetime warranty with the brand diaper bag. Oops! It’s available in only 2 neutral colors, am sure you would love a brighter one, perhaps a pink color!


  • Has optimized functionality design
  • Comes along with a changing mat and a sundry bag
  • Made of high-quality fabric which is water-resistant


  • No stroller straps
  • Available in only 2 neutral colors

4. Miss Fong Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

Best for Working and Nursing Moms/ on-the-go Moms

This is a unique one, a leather diaper bag with a modern and chicly design. The 13 compartments; 6 inside and 7 outside are just ingenious, that is, simple enough to accommodate anything in an organized manner.

Searching for a diaper bag that will accommodate both work and kids? Miss Fong diaper bag can serve these purposes as it’s versatile enough with 4 pretty ways to carry it, thus suiting any adventure; as a messenger bag, a backpack, and a tote bag or even attach it to a stroller.

A free changing mat which is washable and a luggage case are some of the unique features in this diaper bag. Detachable back straps and shoulder straps are all adjustable for convenience.

It will last you for years without fading as it’s made of 100% Pu leather as an external fabric which easily wipes clean and waterproof nylon fabric in the interior, which is hand washable. All straps are made of Pu leather.

Variety of color options to choose from is a spice. A one year warranty in case a quality issue emerge, is a bonus!


  • A luggage case in this bag is a feature most diaper bags lack
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • The main compartment has only one zipper

5. Upsimples Nappy Bag for Mom

Best for Stylish Moms

This nappy bag is super cute, complementing your outfit to look even voguish. The many compartments in the bag is a wonder! It doesn’t look full even when things are packed.

Great features complement this bag making it more practical. A USB charging port and a laptop pocket,  strong zippers that glide easily, 2 waterproof pockets to keep damp or dirty outfits, 3 insulated pockets for feeding bottles that help to retain the temperature of the drinks and 2 stroller straps, just to mention a few from the long list.

The main compartment widely opens hence, easy accessibility to any essential. The external fabric is Waterproof and durable while the interior has a sturdy lining. The straps have reinforced stitches. All your baby essentials plus your necessities will be housed in this well-built bag.

It is a lightweight bag.  Shoulder straps are smooth, breathable, comfy and wide enough around 5.5 cm to minimize shoulder aches and to protect your spine.


  • No diaper bag look
  • All Zippers seem sturdy
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • It is not machine washable

6. Itzy Ritzy Large Capacity Boss Backpack Diaper Bag

Best for an Over Packing Mom

The most practical bag for a stylish mom who over packs! It is a comfy lightweight one, which is roomy enough with 10 internal and 7 external pockets; among them the parent pocket, insulated bottle pockets and an anti-theft pocket for your wallet when in public.

A super cute changing pad accompanies this elegant bag. When folded and placed back in its little pocket, it adds cushion to the back of the bag. There are stroller clips to easily attach your backpack to the stroller.

Durable Vegan leather material that makes this bag is easy to wipe clean, leaving a shiny look. The bottom is rubbery; thus, you can place it at your place of convenience and later wipe off. It also keeps the bag in an upright manner.

Using it past diapering is a guarantee as the backpack straps and the top handle maximizes its versatility as you can wear it in different ways to suit any type of adventure. Smoothly sliding zippers plus the magnetic closure are a spice as they ensure easy access to the pockets.  

Its availability in gender-neutral colors plus girlish pink color, offers a wide range of choices to choose your favorite. You will be transformed to a groovy mom as this doesn’t really portray a diaper bag look. A matching vegan leather tassel supplements the fancy look. Slay with it on any tour!


  • Has stroller straps                           
  • It is wider and taller; big enough


  • May seem a bit bulky to short moms

7. Ruvalino Multifunction Diaper Bag Backpack

Best for Mom and Dad

This modern diaper bag is a classy one which maximizes on functionality. It works great for cloth diapering moms, with 2 large compartments and 16 mini pockets enhancing easy organization. It is big enough to fit all baby essentials without looking bulky. A mommy pocket is a bonus, conveniently located for easy pick-up of your belongings. A changing pad accompanies this elegant bag.

The insulated, tall and deep bottle pockets ensure your nursing bottles maintain their temperature. Double zippers in the main sections plus an extensive opening at the main compartment ensure easy access to any essential within a blink of an eye. All zippers are strong enough and work wonders which make nursing easy.

You will love the versatility of this bag, as you can convert it to a handbag for travelling or shopping, a padded laptop pocket will, in turn, serve you well. Basically, it can sit to be used as a normal backpack for any adventure.

Worrying of its durability, this is a guarantee as it’s made of lightweight, thick, sturdy material, which is excellently stitched. All handles have additional seams hence no fraying unnecessarily.

Padded shoulder straps, easy- grap handle and a cushiony back enhances coziness when carrying it around. Its Gender Neutrality in terms of color and design make it an excellent choice for both mommy and daddy.


  • Easy to clean
  • The unisex design makes it a perfect choice for your baby girl or boy


  • No stroller straps although the grap handles can perform the task

8. JuJuBe B.F.F Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Bag

Best for Moms

JujuBe B.F.F is a girly, fantastic bag with a high-quality beautiful fabric, that will meet your expectations.  Tons of compartments are housed in that small looking diaper bag easing organization of baby essentials. The mommy pocket is an amaze, it’s located at the front, thus fetching your sunglasses or cell phone is not a struggle.

Two insulated bottle pocket greatly expand to fit any size sippy cup, 3 big zippered pockets plus 4 gusseted mini pockets provide ample room for storage. The magnetic closures and the removable memory foam shoulder pad are some of the unique features that make this bag a wonder in itself!

The 100% polyester material is machine-washable aided by the crumb drains. The exterior Teflon fabric protector plus the interior agion treatment offers additional machine-washable protection.

We can call it a 2 in 1 diaper bag as it can serve as a backpack to free your hands, as well as a messenger side bag to enhance a fancy yet effortless look.

Moreover, we can rank it as the most versatile one among our list as its adjustable shoulder strap, the brightly colored themes plus gold and metallic hardware complement any outfit hence fitting any type of adventure. 


  • The shoulder strap acts well as a stroller strap
  • The top handle which act as a grap handle is on point


  • The beautiful theme colors may show dirt easily
  • Slightly pricey

9. Tethys Large Capacity and Stylish Organizer for Baby Care

Best for Ever-Touring Mom and Dad

Are you searching for a Stylish diaper bag yet a roomy one? This option should be your preference, as it has 18 compartments that are strategically positioned. A spacious parent pocket will serve the needs of either a mom or a dad. You can easily grab the keys, cellphone or tablet and store them back in a secure manner.

This quality diaper bag is an ideal one for picnics, weekend trips with a handy wipe pocket and an anti-theft pocket. Its small size and lightweight feature maximize its versatility. The water-resistant material guarantees all things are housed safely.

The interior has 2 insulated bottle pockets that retain the temperature of your baby’s beverages. The 2 handles at the top can improvise it to a handbag. Also, the double zippers at the main section plus all the other zippers operate efficiently.

Coziness comes hand in hand with this bag as its back ergonomic design and cushioned shoulder straps minimize fatigue as you carry baby essentials. As for durability its 100% polyester hence serving you for years when properly maintained.

This Tethys’s Brand does not disappoint as you can always sign with them a full-time warranty to secure your cozy diaper bag.


  • Very affordable price
  • It has a unisex design thus can fit both mom and dad


  • Doesn’t come along with a changing pad

10. Mancro Multifunction Backpack Diaper Bag

Best for Men

This diaper bag is not only functional but also lovely, with a unisex design making it a must-have choice for both mommy and daddy.

Ample organizer pockets are located inside and sideways; tissue pocket at the sideways, 2 mommy/daddy pockets at the front, 2 insulated pockets to keep nursing bottles plus the main compartment for the baby essentials. There is also a laptop padded pocket which can also house a changing pad.

A waist strap, 2 stroller straps and a large diaper changing pad which is 15 by 21 inches are amazing features that come along with this diaper bag. Its neutral design makes it fit your baby girl or boy. The main compartment fully opens hence easy accessibility to any baby essential.

Its design can suit travelling, shopping, hiking etc. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps, easy to grab top handle and the back ergonomic design that minimizes fatigue and pains; ensure coziness all day long as you carry your diaper bag.

As for security issue, the main compartment has dual heavy-duty zippers which securely lock baby essentials. It is easy to wipe clean and preferably hand wash it.

Be assured to use this past diapering stage as the waterproof material, which is finely stitched is durable enough to last you for years. All straps have reinforced seams.


  • Multiple organizational pockets
  • It fit men perfectly for its backpack style


  • It is not machine washable

Essentials to Include in a Diaper Bag

Diapers: You are going out with your baby for some hours, a day or even a couple of days. Make sure you house enough diapers that won’t run out.

Wipes: Hand sanitizer wipes or basically normal wipes are essential. They help to clean the baby’s hands, skin or any surface you suspect its dirty that will come into contact with your baby.

Nursing Bottles, Milk Formula and Snacks: Am sure you will agree with me that a hungry baby is an angry one; he/she will keep on crying. Make those trips enjoyable by ensuring that the baby has something to eat each and every time.

Biodegradable Bags: At the end of your tour with your tot, you have messed clothes or soiled diapers. You feel like throwing them away because you wonder where to store them! These bags will act a great deal as they ensure the dirty messes will not leak out and spoil your whole diaper bag.

Clothes: For a short tour, just carry an extra set of clothes but as for a long trip, be ready to take loads of clothes for your little angel.

Toys: No matter how fun the trip is, our babes will always miss “our-back-at-home toys”, carry some in the diaper bag.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Diaper Bag


You will use your diaper bag from the time your baby arrives all the way to toddler stages. You may use it for travelling, shopping, hiking etc. Ensure you choose a diaper bag with a high-quality exterior fabric that is also waterproof.

Ease to Clean

There will always be baby spills, soiled diapers; ensure you select a diaper bag with an interior lining and an exterior fabric that is easy to wipe clean. Those made of polyester or canvas are the easiest to wipe clean.

Multiple Compartments

All that a baby needs for a short trip are loads of essentials, what about for a long trip? Tons of customized pockets will aid in the organization of all baby essentials.

Stylish Design

You were a fashionable woman even before you became a mom, don’t give up your sense of fashion; continue being trendy even after wearing a diaper bag. Purchase a stylish diaper bag that will always complement your look!


Choosing a versatile diaper bag is a wise choice since diapering stage is only for a short moment. A diaper bag with detachable, adjustable and functional straps is a great deal.  One which can transform from a tote bag to a messenger bag or a backpack or can attach to a stroller, may be an excellent choice.


You will pack tons of essentials in a diaper bag. Moreover, you will carry it around. A bag with a back ergonomic design, wide padded shoulder straps will enhance coziness when carrying, by minimizing fatigue or back pains.

Extra Unique Features

It would be a bonus to purchase a diaper bag with unique features such as a changing mat, USB charging port, a sundry bag.

The Bottom-Line

With so many brands in the market offering tons of diaper bag designs with different price tags, it may seem difficult to decide which is the best option to consider.

We believe our thorough researched guide will help you in choosing the best diaper bag for cloth diapers that will meet and exceed your requirements and expectations. Choose the one that has optimized on practicality and convenience!

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