Best Roller Skates for Kids (2021 Reviews)

For that lovely day, gather up with your kids and go to the rink for that fun activity of roller skating! Let them enjoy the fresh air while having fun as you interact with them for that parent-child bonding.

Roller skating involves travelling on smooth terrain, i.e. at the rink, streets or park with roller skates. It is a form of recreational activity and also a sport. Skating will ensure your kids exercise and maintain that healthy life.

As you want to train them on how to skate, ensure you offer a safe pair of roller skates that will fit snugly for that comfy ride.

With this guide, we have researched for you the best roller skates for kids, the health benefits of skating, 7 basic skating tips and essential things you need to consider while purchasing roller skates to end up with the best choice. Let us read through the guide:

6 Best Roller Skates for Kids Reviews

1. Roller Derby Girl’s Fun Roller Skates

Best for Little Girls Training on How to Skate

Your pretty girl love cartoons? Let her have fun with this beginner roller skates with pink emoji and enjoy that feeling of skating. Besides, the tractor skate design makes it a rocking choice for little girls.

Entrust it with your girl as optimal stability is assured; brakes are located at the back of the boot, thus minimal chances of falling backward while training. The kid will keep on pressing forward, boosting her confidence. 

You will love the maximum support and balance offered by the wider rear wheels. They are connected at the sides of the boot, thus creates a wide wheelbase, which in turn lower the center of gravity, hence favoring small girls training on how to skate.

It is a cozy choice as the inside liner is padded. A marvel skate since each boot adjusts to 4 sizes, thus offering ample room for the kid to grow with until she becomes a pro in skating.

Its durable construction favors both indoors and outdoors skating. The wheels are made of polyurethane with contents of G-force 608ZB carbon hence expect a smooth glide over all surfaces.

Secure those tiny feet into place by locking the 2 buckles. The ankle support design is a bonus. For your cartoon-lover boy, there is a yellow option with the same unique features.


  • Adjustable enough thus creates ample room for the kid to grow with
  • Offers optimal stability
  • Comfy as it is padded inside
  • Available in a cute vibrant color


  • The sizes available favors little girls and not older kids
  • Most users complain of sizing issues, thus always measure your kid’s foot and then cross-check with the size chart to determine the perfect size

2. Roller Derby Boys Firestar Roller Skate

Best Sporty Roller Skates for Boys

Surprise your boy with these sporty, classy skating boots. Whether he has limited experience in skating or he is a pro, this is an ideal choice. You will love how incredibly the urethane wheels with G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings spins.

Its sporty design comes along with unique characteristics of maximum balance, support and comfort. The torsion beam frame is very light; hence your kid will never experience strain or discomfort even after hours of skating.

For your boy in beginning sessions, you have the option of tightening the wheels so that you can slow down the pace of the spinning wheels. As the boy transition to a pro skater, loosen the wheels to increase the speed of the wheels.

Fasten the laces plus the power strap for that snug fit to create that comfy and secure feeling while skating. Moreover, maximum comfort is a guarantee as the inside is greatly padded.

Nevertheless, make sure you purchase a big fit size for your kid to utilize it for years as the shoe is not adjustable.


  • Great padding on the inside
  • Quite affordable compared to other options
  • Very lightweight hence comfy
  • The urethane wheels spin smoothly
  • Sturdily made


  • The boot size is not adjustable

3. Otw-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls

Best Stylish Roller Skates for Girls

Let your little girl learn how to skate and enjoy at the rink with this stylish roller skates. The skate features 2 rows of skate wheels, making it an ideal for your little girl in her beginning sessions of skating. Maximum security is assured as it smoothly glides, boosting her confidence while skating.

For beginning sessions, tighten the screws of the wheels to slow down their speed; an Allen wrench is provided in your main purchase and will help you with that. Be assured of optimal stability and security since each foot has brakes.

Each shoe can easily adjust to 4 different sizes. Its adjustable feature makes it ideal for small to big kids as it will grow with the child; thus, you will utilize it for years. You can even purchase one as a mommy and shine together with your pretty girl at the rink.

Your girl will glow at the rink as it has a beautiful vibrant color, plus the 8 wheels light-up on rolling, producing a charming light. Moreover, they don’t need batteries to glow.

Very comfy roller skates, as the boots are padded on the collars. In addition, they firmly fit the little feet as you can fasten the laces, the cuff buckle plus the strap.

Be assured of its durability as the wheels, which are 54 by 32 mm, are made of pure urethane, with contents of ABEC-7 full precision bearings. The boot is a marvel as it is sturdily constructed with polymer plastic. Use it both outside in the streets and at the rink and have lots of FUN!


  • The boot is padded on the collars
  • It is lightweight
  • Doesn’t need batteries for the light-up rolling wheels
  • Sturdily made
  • Adjustable thus save you money as you will use it for years


  • We wish it could be available in many vibrant color choices

4. Infinity Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls and Boys

Best Unisex Roller Skates

This is a unisex choice for either your baby girl or boy. Besides, if you are a petite mom, purchase a pair and rock at the rink with your babes. You will love the 7 color options with glitters to choose your preference. If you want a plain color for your boy, purchase the black color, and you won’t regret it!

Whether it’s at the streets or at the rink, this quad skate is an excellent choice for kids training on how to skate. The ankle support favors beginners for maximum stability and support. The secure lacing system guarantees comfort while the kid is skating as it ensures a stable fit.

You will love the adjustable boot as you can adjust to 4 varying shoe sizes; hence your kid will utilize it for years. All you will do is to turn a lever at the back of the shoe for that tight and comfy fit. Incredibly, each adjustment won’t tamper with its classy outlook as the adjustment is entirely internal.

Its durability is a marvel as the outer shell of the skating boot is made of plastic. The wheels are made of urethane and they roll smoothly regardless of the surface. Moreover, you have the option to change the wheels and use your preference.


  • Adjustable sizing
  • Available in many color options
  • Cute unisex design
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor skating


  • Some users complain of low-quality wheels

5. C Seven C7 Cute Roller Skates for Girls and Adults

Best Classy Roller Skates for Both Beginners and Pros in Skating

Searching for a birthday or Christmas gift? These quad roller skates are an excellent choice for your kids or your partner. Don’t have doubts while purchasing as it favors both beginners and pros in skating.

Glow down the streets, at the rink or in the park while skating with your kids as you have many vibrant color choices, some with cute floral patterns, to choose your favorite. Each boot is designed with a 1- inch heel that gives that feeling of flamboyant and comes along with much fun as one feels like he is skating on the clouds.

Durability is a sure bet; smooth but strong faux leather material has been used on the outer shell. As for the interior, PVC material plus aluminum plates, which are very lightweight, guarantees a comfy skating throughout. Smooth and soft linings in the inside and at the ankle area are a bonus for maximum comfort!

The most exciting feature is the 53 mm wheels, which spin super-fast and smoothly over all terrains.


  • Available in many vibrant colors
  • Available in both kids and adults sizes
  • For both indoor and outdoor fun
  • Great ankle support offered


  • May be pricey but worth every penny

6. Scale Sports Adjustable Roller Skates for Teens and Ladies

Best Sports-Like Roller Skates for Beginners

Scale Sports Roller Skates have a very classy and unisex design that makes it an ideal choice for any gender who desires to learn skating. Perhaps, you as a parent, want to join skating lessons with your active kids? You can have a pair to rock with your kids at the rink as they are available in adult sizes too.

Safety is a guarantee as brakes are equipped on each shoe, thus chances of falling while training are minimized. Moreover, the closure system includes laces, a Velcro strap plus a super unique buckle for maximum safety.

As for the wheels, they show great stability. They are made of durable polyurethane with ABEC-7 Double Shielded precision bearings. They glide smoothly over all surfaces supporting both indoor and outdoor fun.

Expect a comfy ride as soft inside padding and ankle support are in place to protect the tiny feet. Utilize it for that comfy and snug fit for long since they are adjustable to grow with the kid.

Enjoy both indoor and outdoor fun with these, but once your kid becomes a pro, purchase a more advanced option as this is not approved for aggressive skating.

The many color options; blue, red, turquoise and pink are cute vibrant colors that will be an ideal choice for your baby boy or girl.


  • Have PU wheels
  • Available in many color choices
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating
  • Available in both kids and adult sizes


  • They are not approved for aggressive skating, only for beginners

Types of Roller Skates

There are 2 types; their difference lies in how the wheels have been positioned;

  1. Quad roller skates: These skates have 4 wheels arranged in 2 rows. They offer great stability and balance, making them an ideal choice for kids training on how to skate as their feet are placed on the floor. Also, chances of falling are minimized as they practice.
  2. Inline skates/ blades: These skates have 3, 4 or 5 wheels, all arranged in one straight line. These are ideal choices for pro skaters as one is standing on a line of wheels; thus balancing is more challenging.

Skating Tips

  1. You can first train your little babe inside the house, preferably on the carpet before you move on hard surfaces.
  2. Let your kid use his/her pair of roller skates either at the rink or down the streets on paved trails.
  3. For beginners, always train at the rink or park to avoid accidents on the streets.
  4. Before use, ensure you tighten the wheels and adjust to the perfect size that will snugly fit your child.
  5. Before any use, always ensure the wheels are clean to avoid messing the skating surface.
  6. It is advisable to put on the kid all of the protective gear; helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards to prevent unnecessary injuries while skating.
  7. You can always wear your kid thicker socks before wearing the boot to ensure the tiny foot will fit snugly.

Health Benefits of Skating

  • It is a form of exercising to keep fit and stay active: American Heart Association (AHA) approves roller skating as an aerobic fitness sport. Instead of your child spending time sitting down watching a T.V, get them on roller skates and let them exercise their active body.
  • Builds stamina and muscles: Roller skating involves taking long strides, which can help to boost the heart rate while also strengthening the back muscles. Moreover, skating is said to be similar to jogging or cycling, which engages the body muscles.
  • Improves on digestion and sleep: Any form of exercise improves on digestion, and skating is neither an exception. Moreover, it makes you mentally alert, thus you will end up having a sound sleep.
  • Weight control as it is a form of exercise: Studies show that you can burn up to 600 calories when you skate 10 miles per hour. When you engage in roller skating, you are participating in a fitness activity.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pair of Roller Skates for Your Kid (Buyer’s Guide)

Adjustable size

For kids’ skates, those boots with adjustable sizes are the best options. This is because you will get that perfect snug fit throughout the growing stages. Neither will the boot seem too tight nor too loose; there will always be a perfect size from the varying sizes. Moreover, it is an economical deal as you will purchase only once but utilize the shoe throughout the growing stages.

Roller Skate Bearing

This is an anti-friction device mostly put on the sides of the wheels on a skating boot to enable them to roll. For each wheel, 2 bearings are required.

To determine the quality of the bearing, an “ABEC” rating is used. These ratings range from ABEC 1 to ABEC 9. This rating determines the smoothness of the ride.


Ensure your select a pair of roller skates for your kid that offers optimum comfort. Those skates with polyurethane midsole are believed to be the best as they ensure that stable foot placement which guarantees maximum comfort and safety


Ensure you get roller skates for your kid that offers maximum support, the one with the best wheels and bearings.


Before purchasing a pair of roller skates for your kid, ensure the outer shell is made of good quality. A hard plastic material is exceptional. To confirm its hardness, hit it gently with your knuckle and confirm that light tin noise.

The Bottom Line

Unlike jogging or cycling, roller skating will never exert pressure on the joints or muscles; thus, your kid will exercise without stress on his/her delicate body.

Ensure you get roller skates for your kid that offers maximum support, the one with the best wheels and bearings.

Choose any of our choices and expect a happy skating with your kid!

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