Top 8 Best Strollers for the Beach (2022 Reviews)

Perhaps you love beach adventures, or maybe you live just near the beach! A beach stroller is a convenient way of bringing that little passenger along to enjoy the beautiful beach scenery. It will serve you great; for the baby, he will enjoy a comfy ride while, as for your case, you won’t have to carry the baby in the arms.

Finding a perfect stroller that will work well on the varying weather conditions and sandy gunk around the beach may seem hard. Moreover, it may be more challenging since you will never find a stroller with a sticker “beach stroller” because no brand has designed a stroller to be exclusively used on the beach.

You must consider several things in order to end up with a perfect stroller for the beach. This guide will help you to choose a safe, cushy and durable beach stroller for your little one. Let’s see it through!

Best Strollers for the Beach (Reviews)

1. Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Best for Both Short and Tall Parents

This can be a fun choice for running or walking on the beach with your toddler. It is our favorite with six storage pockets. Meshed pockets next to the baby seat can house the baby’s favorite toy while the insulated bottle holders can hold and maintain the temperature of your drinks.

The canopy is an amaze, blocking any sun ray that may interrupt the baby’s eyes while allowing plenty of airflow in the hot beach weather. The peek-a-boo window with magnetic closures provides ventilation to your little angel while facilitating chit-chat with your babe.

The seat is not only spacious and padded but also reclines; it can lay nearly flat. Always recline to a certain angle that is safe as your child nap, and to a fully upright angle when your child is awake so that he can enjoy the beautiful beach scenery!

Shock absorbency suspension works great levelling any bumps; thus, the baby can nap or even enjoy the beach landscape. As for pivoting, you will love how it turns, even in small spaces. Parking Brakes are easy to access and functional.

Regardless of the height of the parent, this one will perfectly favor you as the handlebar, which is padded, adjusts easily to 9 different positions. The Maximum weight recommended is 75 lbs.


  • Very simple to assemble and fold
  • 5 point harness for extra security and shock
  • High-quality material that is easy to clean and dries faster
  • Multiple color choices to select your favorite


  • The storage basket is not big enough to some users
  • A sturdy stroller but heavy and bulky

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

This jogging stroller may also be an excellent choice to use in sandy beaches. Its unique features of large bicycle tires and a front swivel wheel that locks ensure it glides smoothly, producing no sounds on gravel or off-road terrain, thus suits a beach stroller.

It is a cushy stroller as it has a padded seat that reclines and goes all the way down; hence the baby can nap there comfortably. The shade canopy has a 180 degrees adjustment and is capable of blocking the sun and wind regardless of the time of the day.

The storage chamber underneath will house your necessities plus the baby essentials while on the beach. A parent tray and the child tray with cup holders are a bonus.

Worrying of the security of your little one, 5 point safety harness is a guarantee plus straps that are easy to snap. The footrest reflectors assure additional low-light visibility.

Portability and storage are easy as it’s made of a lightweight, rugged steel frame. The rubber handle that is wide enough is also gentle on your hands as you push the stroller. Assembling it and folding it is all effortless.

You will love this stroller as it’s sturdy enough, quite affordable compared to other strollers displaying an expensive look. The maximum weight recommended is up to 50 lbs


  • JPMA certified
  • Very easy to put the baby in and out
  • The straps are easy to snap
  • Easy to wipe clean the seat pad


  • The front wheel needs to be tightened with time

3. Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

Best for Tall Toddlers and Guardians

You can entrust your baby with this stroller as the brand company has served for over 60 years producing durable and functional baby products.

This is a fantastic one, with a unique design to fit even tall toddlers. The 3 air-filled rubber tires guarantee a smooth ride even in the sandy gunk. The front lockable wheel swivels for easy maneuvering.

No worry of where to store your tons of stuff as the storage chamber is large and deep enough to fit even a large diaper bag.  You will love the parent tray with a phone cradle and a child snack tray with two cup holders.

The folding system is not only great with an auto-locking mechanism but also, the stroller stands upright when folded. This stroller is compatible with all Graco infant car seats. The click connect technology enables ease in attachment.

Superior sun coverage and vented sides provide maximum shade and ventilation to the little angel. The meshed sides also enable you to communicate with the baby.

For maximum safety, there is a leash to keep handy; in case you fall while running on the beach, the stroller to remain intact. This stroller will grow with your baby until the baby attains 50 lbs.


  • Light weight with sturdy wheels
  • Easy to assemble and adjust the straps
  • The seat reclines well offering comfort as the baby sleeps


  • May seem tall to short moms or dads
  • The phone clip is small and doesn’t fit big phones

4. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is an exquisite and classy stroller that is super strong and simple. Your little one must enjoy a comfy ride along the beach with this since the 3 large pneumatic tires are shock absorbent and they will smoothen any bump all along.

Maximum functionality is a sure bet with the extra straight rear axle. The front tire swivels but also lock enhancing a stable wheelbase and the rear tires with parking brakes ensure safe stops. A tire pump is included for topping off the tires.

You will love the parent organizer with two cup holders and a pocket with a zipper to house your phone. For the baby essentials, they can fit in the large basket and the meshed pockets.

The large canopy and the enclosed window provide excellent coverage to the upper body part while the meshed area enables proper air circulation to the lower body part.

A wide seat that is highly positioned will give the baby ample comfort and enhance visibility as the child watch the beach scenery. Moreover, it reclines enhancing comfort as the baby naps.

Collapsing the stroller is easy with an auto-lock feature. Aluminum and polyester are the main materials that are easy to wipe clean and lightweight easing portability.

It is available in appealing colors of black, blueberry, charcoal and red, all with graphite-colored frames and black edges that enhance the overall complexion.

This stroller is big enough to accommodate the baby up to 75 lbs in weight and will make your beach adventure a breeze!


  • Plenty of space for legs
  • Has shock absorbent suspension mechanism
  • Snapping your child in and out is easy


  • Handle bar height does not adjust

5. Costzon All Terrain Lightweight Jogging Stroller

You are an on-the-go dad or mom, always visiting the beach; this is still another great option. The air-filled wheels, which are highly positioned with suspension, ensures smooth glide on all surfaces, even the beach terrain.

A lightweight but a solid material has been used to make this stroller, thus very portable to suit your beach adventure.

You will fit your phone in the smartphone cradle located in the parent organizer. The two cup holders stock your water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout the adventure. A storage basket underneath supplements your storage needs.

The canopy gives ample shade blocking the sun rays. The peekaboo windows will offer a platform for constant glances of the baby.

Security is assured since the stroller has a 5-point safety harness. Straps tighten, holding the baby into place.  The padded seat reclines and the footrest area is large. The weight limit is 33 lbs.


  • Assembling and folding it up is all easy
  • A bicycle pump can refill the tires
  • The front wheel is lockable and swivels hence easy to maneuver


  • Available in only 2 neutral color options

6. Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

This is an eco-friendly stroller made from recycled bottles. A stylish one for your young babe below 65 lbs in weight. It is an all-terrain stroller thus can suit beaches with a locking and swiveling wheel.

The 3 air-filled wheels have suspension mechanism offering a smooth ride on the sandy beach terrain. Pliability comes hand in hand with this stroller as you can run, walk or jog on the beach.

Folding it up and assembling it is all effortless. The auto-lock mechanism plus the grip handle facilitate storage and transportation.

You will love the 5 storage pockets and the enlarged canopy that offers superior coverage and ventilation to your little one. A peek-a-boo window is a bonus to constantly glimpse on your baby without disturbing him/her.

This is a safe stroller with fabrics containing no harmful chemicals. Variety of color options are available to select your preference.


  • Made of high-quality material; 100%polyester
  • Sturdy tires


  • Does not have a snack tray

7. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Chicco Tre stroller is a trendy one with pneumatic tires. It rides smoothly and quietly on beach terrain without jostling the baby since the suspension system work wonders.

Not only is the handle bar padded, but it also adjusts to accommodate all parent’s heights. Brake and parking brake are very functional. Folding mechanism is also great for a compact fold.

Safety is a warrant as the seat has a five-point harness and reclines offering maximum comfort to the baby. The sunshade is large enough to protect the baby from the hot beach sun and the strong wind.

Both the Parent tray and the snack tray will serve you and your baby well. At the chamber underneath, you can place your diaper bag with essentials.

This stroller is compatible with KeyFit and Fit2 car seats with a weight limit of 55 lbs. High quality material that is easy to wipe clean and is water-resistant makes this stroller an amaze!


  • Topping off the tires is easy
  • The canopy is water-resistant and large enough


  • Sturdy but heavy
  • The storage basket seems small

8. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide stroller is a unique one with a modernized and sleek design. We can rank it as a best running stroller with a front wheel, which not only swivels but also locks favoring sandy beach terrain.

Your storage needs are taken care of. All you need is to pack your load of stuff in the meshed pockets and the basket underneath that is water-resistant with a zip-top cover.

Comfort is a guarantee as the sun visor is large and sturdy. Moreover, it can be expanded a bit. The seat recline to lay the baby almost flat with proper ventilation.

Folding is easy, resulting to a compact fold that is easy to store and transport. As for the handlebar, it adjusts to multiple heights. Whether you are a short or tall mum, align it to your height and push the stroller effortlessly.

The suspension system works great as most babies enjoy the ride and even nap while strolling around. Conveniently use this stroller until the baby outweighs 75 lbs.


  • It has solid tires
  • Maneuvering and turning is easy although it is a long stroller
  • Seat straps adjust easily


  • Not a self-standing stroller when folded

Considerations When Shopping for a Best Beach Stroller

Storage Chamber

Whether it’s a nature walk on the beach, carrying a diaper bag is a necessity. A storage basket that is deep and large enough to fit a diaper bag is always vital. The one which is also equipped with a smartphone cradle is also great. Some strollers also have meshed pockets and cup holders, which is a wonder!

Look for a Jogging Stroller

These strollers mostly suit all terrains as they have large pneumatic tires which glide smoothly. A jogging stroller mostly has 3 wheels sturdily attached and it’s usually made of a high-quality fabric that will always favor beach terrain.

Lightweight: Most of the time, the weather condition at the beach is hot, draining your energy. A heavy and bulky stroller will at no point favor beach trips. Ensure you purchase a light stroller that is effortless when pushing it.

Large Canopy

A large sunshade will protect your little one from the hot sun, strong winds or rain. We recommend a stroller offering superior shade coverage.

Non-rusting Material

Most beaches associate with salty water, and in turn, salty water speeds up rusting. Thus it is important to consider a stroller that is made of a material that does not easily rust hence for your stroller to last you a bit longer.

Adjustable Handlebar

 I am sure you want a beach stroller that will meet your height conveniently. Also, different persons may accompany you and your baby on the beach, maybe your wife, husband, close friend etc. Ensure you choose a stroller with an adjustable handle. It should also be padded for maximum comfort.

Padded, Reclining and Easy to Wipe Seat

A seat that reclines to different angles will maximize comfort to your baby, suiting a napping and an awake babe. Moreover, when it is padded, it will be an amaze for comfort and wiping in case of any spills.

Folding System

Before you make your purchase, always analyze whether the beach stroller is easy to fold. We recommend one with an auto-lock mechanism and the one which achieves a compact fold. This will guarantee ease in transporting it and storing it.


With multiple stroller choices, it may seem hard to select a stroller that will favor your beach trip with your babe. With regard to the above tips, always be cautious of the brand name. Known and reputed brands have high chances of offering quality baby products and in this case, quality strollers.

In the end, all you want is a secure and comfy beach stroller for your little passenger. Hopefully this guide will assist you in your purchase!

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