Best Toddler Tricycle with Push Handle in the Market Today (2021 Reviews)

Parenting is the most wonderful thing; watching your kid grow up and paddle their first trike is a twee moment in life. The first attempt to train your kid on how to pedal starts with a tricycle.

Tricycles are the best option to use when the baby is past 9 months of age as he could be heavy to be sustained by a stroller or a baby carrier.

Just because a trike looks great and is painted with a vibrant color, doesn’t mean it’s the ideal choice; pick the choice with the best features for design, optimized comfort and safety.

Here are our best picks!

Reviews of Toddler Tricycles with Push Handle - 5 Best Choices

1. SmarTrike Breeze Toddler Tricycle

Best Affordable Choice

Let your tiny human enjoy a comfy and secure cycling with this great economical option. It is designed with great expertise to teach the baby on how to build confidence as they train on how to become pro cyclists.

It is recommended for infants from 15 months of age up to toddler stages not exceeding 38lbs or just up to 3 years of age thus it will grow with your tot.

For the parent riding the little one, only an effortless steering is needed, at this time you can train him on how to pedal while you remain in control. Be assured of a comfy ride even when the tiny human can’t access the pedals as there are foldable footrest to place the feet until they are tall enough to access the pedals.

And when your tiny one want to control the riding, just press the red button located at the front wheel for the kid to steer. The pedals are the non-slip choice thus the baby’s feet are safe and secure while paddling.

At the point when the toddler becomes a pro in cycling, you can conveniently remove the parent push handle as you allow the kid to explore independently.

A secure ride is also guaranteed as it has a 3 point harness plus a safety bar. Besides the front wheel is equipped with shock absorber for a smooth ride all through.

A bonus is the toy basket where the little adventurer can stock his favorite toys during the ride. You can also stock snacks or perhaps your phone as it is a secure bin with a closing lid.

Entrust SmarTrike as it is a well-known brand which has created a robust bike that will serve you for long as it is made of full metal. Moreover wit this purchase you have a 2 year warranty.


  • Has a sturdy construction; full metal
  • Has a foldable foot rest
  • The front sheer is equipped with a shock absorber
  • Grows with the kid all the way to toddler stage
  • Has a removable parent push handle
  • Has a storage basket


  • Assembling is required but you will just follow the detailed instructions

2. KidsEmbrace Marshall 4-in-1 Push and Ride Stroller Tricycle

Best Stroller and Trike

This Marshall trike is the best 4 in 1 choice as it can act an s a stroller, push trike, training trike as well as an independent trike. It is designed for babies from 10 months all the way to 5 years of age.

Conveniently use it as a stroller when the kid is young as it is fitted with safety harness and as the baby grows, detach the push handle plus the belly bar and unlock the pedals for an independent ride.

You will love the adjustable parent handle that favors all parents with varying heights as it has an adjustable height range of 31 to 38 inches. You can use it until the kid is able to pedal independently.

It is a secure choice with a 3 point harness. Also, the rear wheels are fitted with independent brakes for sudden stops.

A marvel is the plushy seat that is padded with a high backrest for that comfy ride. Don’t worry of strong winds or sunrays as you can always protect your baby while riding with the adjustable canopy. Moreover, you can fully detach it when you want the kid to enjoy the breeze.

Be guaranteed of a smooth ride over all terrain as the puncture proof wheels are large with high quality bearings.

Carry the favorite toys or mommy and baby snacks at the storage basket. It measures 13.5×6.5×5 inches; thus be guaranteed it will hold a lot. You can detach it too at your convenience.

Even though this trike is not foldable, you can carry it with you during family tours as the canopy is detachable, you can remove the parent handle. Besides once dismantled only minimal assembly is required.


  • Super easy to assemble it
  • It is fitted with a storage basket
  • Has an adjustable parent push handle
  • Acts both as a stroller and as a tricycle
  • Padded seat
  • Has an adjustable and detachable canopy
  • Has puncture proof large wheels for smooth rides


  • Does not have mommy’s cup holder
  • Does not collapse for easer storage or transportation

3. Little Tikes 4-in-1 Ride On Neon Pink, Deluxe Edition

Best Tricycle for Girls

Surprise your pretty little girl with this cute tricycle. It is available in neon pink color; an ideal choice for girls. For your prince there is a blue or purple color version.

It offers 4 different ways to ride as it can convert from an infant guided trike all the way to a classic independent trike for your pro toddler.

When the parent is in control, adjust the push handle to your convenient height. You have the option to detach it once your little one becomes a pro for that independent ride.

A safe and secure ride is guaranteed as it is fitted with a 5 point harness and a safety bar to secure the baby into place. The cushy seat adjusts to 4 varying positions for that comfy ride.

Exactly at the back is the large storage bin where you can store snacks or perhaps the favorite toys. Also, the cup holder is strategically positioned for mommy’s convenience.

You will love the foldable and detachable footrest for the tiny baby to place the legs during the early stages. The adjustable and detachable UV blocking canopy is a bonus.

The rubber tires are a durable choice that ride smoothly on rougher terrains.  It is a robust trike made of a combination of metal and plastic thus it will serve you for years.


  • Adjustable and detachable parent push handle
  • It will grow with your infant to toddler stages
  • Non slip pedals
  • Fitted with a 5 point harness and a safety bar to secure the baby into place
  • Adjustable and removable canopy
  • Fitted with a cup holder for the mommy


  • May take some time to assemble
  • Not foldable

4. Radio Flyer Deluxe Tricycle

Best Tricycle with Adjustable Seat

This is the simplest and easy to use tricycle as it offers only 2 ways to ride. During early stages, the pedals act as footrest as the parent control the tricycle by pushing the handle. The handle is adjustable to favor parents with varying heights.

As for the older adventurer, you will just detach the push handle and the pedals will be used to steer during that independent ride.

It’s a durable choice that will serve you for years with its solid steel frame. Moreover, the robust rubber wheels will glide smoothly over rough terrain. The rear fender will act as a shield against the muddy pathways.

A marvel is the adjustable seat to favor both infants and toddlers as it will grow with the baby. It is recommended for maximum weight of up to 49lbs for kids ranging from 2 to 5 years.

To spice the fun moments, there is a chrome bell that excite most kids during the ride. You have 2 color choices to select your favorite; red or pink theme. Besides you will pack the vacations snacks at the secure bin with a closing lid.

A safe and secure ride is guaranteed since the turning radius of the trike is limited to avoid extreme turns which may lead to accidents.


  • Adjustable push handle favors parents with varying heights
  • Has a secure storage bin with a closing lid
  • Adjustable seat
  • A robust tricycle with solid steel frame


  • It is not fitted with safety harness

5. Evezo 302A 4-in-1 Parent Push Tricycle for Kids

Best Balance Trike

The Evezo 4 in I stroller and trike is the best versatile choice as it can convert to 4 diverse ways. Its unique feature is the swivel and reclining seat that ensures maximum exposure to the beautiful scenery.

During the early stages, protect your baby against UV rays by adjusting the full size canopy. It can also be fully disconnected for the older rider.

And when the tiny human becomes an older adventurer you will love the classic independent trike transformed. At this point you remove the canopy and the push handle.

Maximum safety is a sure bet as it is equipped with a 5 point harness. You will love its sturdiness to support a baby of up to 3 years of age.

Your baby must rock with it as the front sheer has LED lights. Also he can carry his favorite toys in the storage bin to spice playtime moments.

As a parent you will enjoy riding your tiny one as the push handle includes a patented touch to steer technology for that effortless control.


  • 5 point safety harness
  • A sturdy choice
  • Easy pushing aided by the touch steering design
  • Adjustable and detachable full size canopy
  • Has a storage bin


  • Requires assembling

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Toddler Tricycle with Push Handle (Buyer’s Guide)

  • Age factor

This is a primal thing to consider. If your kid is a preschooler, a tricycle with pedals is the best choice. In this case the kid will propel the bike with their feet and this will enhance greatly the sense of independence as he ride.

Moreover, this kind of trike will help the kid exercise and strengthen their lower body muscles.

  • Push handle

Most push handles are made of steel and are attached at the back of the tricycle. An adjustable choice is the best deal as it will favor a certain height range thus people will varying heights may assist in riding the baby at their convenience.

Always select those that are comfy to grip. Make sure it is included in your main purchase since some brands sell it as an add-on.

  • Durability

Consider a robust trike that is made of steel frame. A plastic option may break down within a short time and it may not be stable enough to support a growing toddler.

A marvel is that most brands in the market today are offering steel made tricycles that are painted with some color combinations.

  • Wheels

Always take note of the wheels; big wheels with treads are the best as they will maneuver easily on rougher terrain as they offer a better traction. The wheel size of tricycles vary from 10 to 12 inches.

Trikes come with either inflated or fixed tires.  Fixed rubber tires are the best for tricycles to prevent unnecessary replacements. Moreover they glide smoothly on rougher terrains as they are big in size.

  • Adjustable seat

At early stages, kids grow at a fast rate thus an adjustable seat guarantees a comfortable fit for the growing kid as it can be adjusted for the kid to enjoy a comfy ride.

  • Safety harness

Those equipped with 5 point or 3 point harness are the best as they will secure the baby into place while riding. You can always purchase a helmet, knee or elbow pads for your kid to put on while riding to maximize on safety.

  • Portability

Kids are prone to move from place to place while playing with their toys. Perhaps the new bike emerge to be the favorite toy? You will be forced to carry it with you during family vacations. At this point you may consider a foldable choice that will easily fit into the car’s truck.

However if the tricycle is intended for indoor use, portability may not be a vital consideration.

  • Storage basket

This is a fancy but not a vital feature to consider. It can be used to carry snacks or perhaps other favorite toys for the kid.

  • Tricycle accessories

Some trikes will have mommy’s cup holders strategically placed behind the seat. Some will have adjustable canopy to shield the baby against UV rays. Some will even have bells. All these are intended to spice those fun moments while riding.

Benefits of a Tricycle With Push Handle

  • Builds confidence and independence in kids

With a tricycle, you can control it as you train your kid on how to paddle. At this point, you give the kid the job to steer as you push the whole trike with the push handle. Mostly they will be holding on the handle bars and they will assume they are riding themselves.

This contribute in building their confidence and even when you detach the push handle, they will be able to steer on their own. Since a trike offer more balance and lesser probabilities of falling down the kid, the kid will feel safe and comfy while riding.

Granting them this independence, gives them the confidence to do other things on their own.

  • Less supervision by parents

Since tricycles are more stable and smaller than bicycles, they can be ridden indoors while parents are doing the house chores. Even when your kid is riding at the backyard, you won’t panic as there are less chances of them falling.

  • More child friendly

Compared to bikes, trikes offer optimal support and balance to the riding kid. Moreover they are packed with great accessories that spice the fun riding moments e.g. bells, basket, toys.

  • Best introduction to cycling

Before you introduce your kid to a 2 wheeled bike, a 3 wheeled bike is the best starter pack as it will offer maximum stability.

Since tricycles are recommended for kids who are 10 months old and above, this early introductions grants the kid more cycling skills and he becomes a pro.


Wrap Up

With tons of tricycles in the market today offered by so many brands, it may be quite challenging to decide on which one to select. Always select the choice that suits your style preferences and most importantly your kid’s development needs.

Choose the trike that will be fully optimized up to toddler stages before the baby transition to a 2 wheeled bike. Also consider the primal factors safety and comfort while purchasing.

We hope that you shop for the best with our 5 choices.

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