100 Modern Middle Names for Elijah

You have both decided on naming your little prince Elijah.

Elijah is a cool name; sounds so sweet to a boy and gives a dignified feeling to a grown man.

With that being said, you may be stuck on choosing a middle name that will pair perfectly with Elijah.

I understand the struggle and that’s why I’ve scavenged parenting groups and forums to sort you out.

Below is the list of middle names for Elijah that I found modern, cool and classy as well.

Middle Names for Elijah

  1. Elijah Adams
  2. Elijah Alexander
  3. Elijah Arthur
  4. Elijah Atticus
  5. Elijah August
  6. Elijah Beckham
  7. Elijah Bennett
  8. Elijah Blake
  9. Elijah Bond
  10. Elijah Brooks
  11. Elijah Caleb
  12. Elijah Calvin
  13. Elijah Carter
  14. Elijah Caspian
  15. Elijah Chase
  16. Elijah Charles
  17. Elijah Christopher
  18. Elijah Clement
  19. Elijah Cole
  20. Elijah Dalton
  21. Elijah Damian
  22. Elijah Daniel
  23. Elijah David
  24. Elijah Davis
  25. Elijah Dean
  26. Elijah Dennis
  27. Elijah Dermot
  28. Elijah Desmond
  29. Elijah Dex
  30. Elijah Dominic
  31. Elijah Dorian
  32. Elijah Douglas
  33. Elijah Edward
  34. Elijah Everest
  35. Elijah Felix
  36. Elijah Finn
  37. Elijah Francis
  38. Elijah Frederick
  39. Elijah Gareth
  40. Elijah Godfrey
  41. Elijah Graham
  42. Elijah Grant
  43. Elijah Grey
  44. Elijah Henry
  45. Elijah Jack
  46. Elijah James
  47. Elijah Jax
  48. Elijah John
  49. Elijah Joseph
  50. Elijah Jude
  51. Elijah Kent
  52. Elijah Kingston
  53. Elijah Laurence
  54. Elijah Lee
  55. Elijah Lennox
  56. Elijah Leo
  57. Elijah Leon
  58. Elijah Levi
  59. Elijah Lucas
  60. Elijah Marcus
  61. Elijah Marshall
  62. Elijah Matthew
  63. Elijah Max
  64. Elijah Milton
  65. Elijah Monroe
  66. Elijah Morgan
  67. Elijah Moses
  68. Elijah Nathaniel
  69. Elijah Neville
  70. Elijah Nicholas
  71. Elijah Nicole
  72. Elijah Oliver
  73. Elijah Paul
  74. Elijah Peter
  75. Elijah Philip
  76. Elijah Quincy
  77. Elijah Quinn
  78. Elijah Raymond
  79. Elijah Rian
  80. Elijah River
  81. Elijah Rohan
  82. Elijah Rowan
  83. Elijah Ryan
  84. Elijah Sailor
  85. Elijah Samson
  86. Elijah Samuel
  87. Elijah Scott
  88. Elijah Seth
  89. Elijah Theodore
  90. Elijah Thomas
  91. Elijah Timothy
  92. Elijah Tucker
  93. Elijah Vance
  94. Elijah Vincent
  95. Elijah William
  96. Elijah Winston
  97. Elijah Winter
  98. Elijah Xavier
  99. Elijah Zachary
  100. Elijah Zane

Different Ways to Spell Elijah

  • Elyjah
  • Elija
  • Ellyjah
  • Alijah
  • Alyjah

Nicknames for Elijah

  • Eli
  • El
  • Jah
  • Lijah
  • L.J
  • E.J
  • Ely
  • Elie

Elijah Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Elijah is of Hebrew roots meaning, “Jehovah is my God”. He is derived from the Hebrew words; “El” meaning “God” and “Yah” meaning “Jehovah”.

Elijah is recorded in the bible, in the Old Testament as a prophet who defended the worship of God. He is well known for performing great miracles in the name of God.

In America, Elijah is a very popular name spiced up with his Biblical roots. He first claimed a spot in the top 100 among favored boy names list back in 1995. Since then he has shown an upward trend in the naming graph.

In 2001, he emerged in the top 50 and in 2010 he earned a coveted spot in the top 20.

Elijah has been on the top 10 list since 2016. He ranks #4 in the recent statistics conducted in the USA.

Elijah is a vintage name that never fades in style. His short form Eli is still a unique classy name and can be used as a nickname as well as an independent name.

Elijah is a common name to modern Christians and Muslims.

Some female variations of the name Elijah are Eliana and Eliyah.

Famous Elijah are;

  • Elijah Craig, American Baptist preacher, also known for inventing bourbon
  • Elijah McGuire, American football player
  • Elijah Wood, American actor
  • Elijah Lee, American football player

Wrapping Up

That’s it; Great content, Right?

Feel free to comment on your best pick.

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