100 Cute Middle Names for Faith

You found out recently that you are expecting a princess, Congratulations!

You have been thinking of naming her Faith as a first name; Faith is short, sweet and elegant.

Expect your princess to be an achiever, bold and a problem solver in the family as that is what it denotes to be Faith.

Now I will help you come up with a cute middle name that will pair perfectly. I’ve pondered through various mum and dad forums to help you achieve this.

Let’s have a glance of 100 cute choices of middle names for faith:

Middle Names for Faith

  1. Faith Abigail
  2. Faith Agnes
  3. Faith Alanna
  4. Faith Alexandria
  5. Faith Alexis
  6. Faith Alice
  7. Faith Alicia
  8. Faith Alora
  9. Faith Anna
  10. Faith Anne
  11. Faith Arabella
  12. Faith Arietta
  13. Faith Aurora
  14. Faith Beatrice
  15. Faith Bethan
  16. Faith Brianna
  17. Faith Brooklyn
  18. Faith Brynnen
  19. Faith Camille
  20. Faith Carolina
  21. Faith Catalina
  22. Faith Cecilia
  23. Faith Celeste
  24. Faith Celine
  25. Faith Charlotte
  26. Faith Christiana
  27. Faith Christine
  28. Faith Claire
  29. Faith Clara
  30. Faith Coralline
  31. Faith Corinne
  32. Faith Danielle
  33. Faith Elizabeth
  34. Faith Eloise
  35. Faith Elyse
  36. Faith Emeline
  37. Faith Emily
  38. Faith Emma
  39. Faith Evangeline
  40. Faith Evelyn
  41. Faith Fiona
  42. Faith Fridah
  43. Faith Georganne
  44. Faith Georgina
  45. Faith Graciela
  46. Faith Gwendolyn
  47. Faith Hadley
  48. Faith Hannah
  49. Faith Helena
  50. Faith Hope
  51. Faith Imogen
  52. Faith Isabella
  53. Faith Ivy
  54. Faith Jocelyn
  55. Faith Josephine
  56. Faith Josie
  57. Faith Julian
  58. Faith Julianna
  59. Faith Katherine
  60. Faith Laurel
  61. Faith Leah
  62. Faith Lee
  63. Faith Lillian
  64. Faith Lily
  65. Faith Liz
  66. Faith Louise
  67. Faith Lucy
  68. Faith Lydia
  69. Faith Lynn
  70. Faith Madeleine
  71. Faith Maisie
  72. Faith Margaret
  73. Faith Marie
  74. Faith Maya
  75. Faith Melanie
  76. Faith Melody
  77. Faith Merissa
  78. Faith Miles
  79. Faith Moriah
  80. Faith Noelle
  81. Faith Olivia
  82. Faith Patrice
  83. Faith Penny
  84. Faith Prudence
  85. Faith Quinn
  86. Faith Rebecca
  87. Faith Sadie
  88. Faith Sebastian
  89. Faith Sierra
  90. Faith Sophia
  91. Faith Stacy
  92. Faith Stella
  93. Faith Susannah
  94. Faith Veronica
  95. Faith Victoria
  96. Faith Vienna
  97. Faith Vivian
  98. Faith Vivienne
  99. Faith Willow
  100. Faith Zoe

Different Ways to Spell Faith

  • Faithe
  • Faythe
  • Fayth
  • Faeth
  • Phaith
  • phayth
  • Faethe

Nicknames for Faith

  • Fai
  • Fay
  • Fay fay
  • Faye
  • Faithie
  • Fifi
  • Fath
  • Faithster

Faith Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Faith is Latin in origin specifically meaning “trust”. Faith was derived from the Latin word “fidere”.

As faith is associated with Christianity, she expands in meaning to means “complete trust in God”.

In the 17th century, she was overly used among the puritans as a part of long phrases like “faithful”, “fighting the good fight of faith”.  Over the years, she has been commonly used by modern Christians.

Faith emerged in the American baby name chart back in 1880 where she claimed a spot in top 1000.

In 1921, she was graced up to top 500.

From 1999, she pressed on up to top 100 and managed to retain that peak spot up to 2016.

Although recently she has been decreasing in favor, she still claims a spot in top 150 as recent statistics in the USA rank her #136.

Faith is an elegant name both to the ear and to the eye. She is a vintage that never fades in style.

Famous Faith are:

  • Faith Hill, a singer
  • Faith Prince, an actress
  • Faith Evans, a musician
  • Faith Domergue, an actress

Wrapping Up

That’s it!

I hope you have found a perfect pair of name for your princess.

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Best Wishes as you welcome your little girl into the world!

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