80+ Pretty Middle Names for Gianna

Your princess is almost landing, best wishes as you welcome her into the world!

Luckily, you have both settled on Gianna as the first name; she is short and spicy.

Expect an independent, determined, inventive and a bold princess as that is what it denotes to be Gianna.

Finding a perfect middle name for Gianna doesn’t have to be a chore as we have compiled pretty, classy and stylish choices to choose from.

Below is the list of middle names for Gianna that you will absolutely love.

Middle Names for Gianna

  1. Gianna Adelle
  2. Gianna Alyse
  3. Gianna Anabel
  4. Gianna Anna
  5. Gianna Belen
  6. Gianna Belle
  7. Gianna Brooke
  8. Gianna Brynn
  9. Gianna Camille
  10. Gianna Caroline
  11. Gianna Celeste
  12. Gianna Christine
  13. Gianna Claudia
  14. Gianna Clarice
  15. Gianna Coral
  16. Gianna Corinne
  17. Gianna Daniella
  18. Gianna Dianne
  19. Gianna Doris
  20. Gianna Eleanor
  21. Gianna Elise
  22. Gianna Elizabeth
  23. Gianna Estelle
  24. Gianna Eve
  25. Gianna Faith
  26. Gianna Fern
  27. Gianna Florence
  28. Gianna Frances
  29. Gianna Francesca
  30. Gianna Gabrielle
  31. Gianna Grace
  32. Gianna Greta
  33. Gianna Helene
  34. Gianna Hope
  35. Gianna Isabelle
  36. Gianna Ivy
  37. Gianna Joy
  38. Gianna June
  39. Gianna Kate/Katherine
  40. Gianna Lanea
  41. Gianna Laurel
  42. Gianna Leigh
  43. Gianna Lilian
  44. Gianna Lindley
  45. Gianna Lisa
  46. Gianna Lucia
  47. Gianna Lucille
  48. Gianna Lynn
  49. Gianna Mae
  50. Gianna Maeve
  51. Gianna Margaret
  52. Gianna Maria
  53. Gianna Marie
  54. Gianna Marigold
  55. Gianna Mary Anna
  56. Gianna Michelle
  57. Gianna Nadine
  58. Gianna Nancy
  59. Gianna Natalie
  60. Gianna Nicole
  61. Gianna Noelle
  62. Gianna Olive
  63. Gianna Pearl
  64. Gianna Primrose
  65. Gianna Rae
  66. Gianna Renee
  67. Gianna Riley
  68. Gianna Rosa
  69. Gianna Rosaline
  70. Gianna Rose
  71. Gianna Rosette
  72. Gianna Roxana
  73. Gianna Ruby
  74. Gianna Ruth
  75. Gianna Sabine
  76. Gianna Simone
  77. Gianna Snow
  78. Gianna Sophie
  79. Gianna Stephanie
  80. Gianna Therese
  81. Gianna Violet
  82. Gianna Vivian
  83. Gianna Vivienne
  84. Gianna Wendy
  85. Gianna Wren
  86. Gianna Yvonne

Different Ways to Spell Gianna

  • Giana
  • Geonna
  • Gionna
  • Jiana
  • Jianna
  • Joanna

Nicknames for Gianna

  • Gia
  • Anna
  • Nina
  • Gigi
  • Gina

Gianna Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Gianna is of Hebrew and Italian roots specifically meaning, “God is gracious”.

She is a feminine variation of Gianni and a diminutive of Giovanna. The English form of Gianna is Joanna.

Gianna is a name used by some people as a sign to honor a catholic Saint, “Gianna Molla” who died in 1962 after having complications with her fourth pregnancy. She opted to risk her life instead of aborting and killing her innocent baby. Her feast day is commemorated in April 28 mostly by mothers, physicians and preborn babies as she is their patron saint.

Gianna first appeared in the American naming graph in 1989 and earned a top 100 spot in 2006.

She is incredibly increasing in popularity among American parents of Italian heritage or those appreciating Italian culture.

Currently, she is in the top 20 among favorite girls’ names in the US, ranking #12.

Her cute nickname “Gia” and her Biblical literal meaning makes her a forever favorite name.

Famous Gianna are;

  • Gianna D’Angelo, American soprano
  • Gianna Manzini, Italian writer
  • Gianna Maria Canale, Italian actress
  • Saint Gianna Molla, Italian pediatrician

Wrapping Up

There you have it – pretty middle names for Gianna, different ways to spell her, her cute nicknames and a brief history of her.

What’s your favorite pick? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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