100 Pretty Middle Names for Giovanna

You found out recently that you are expecting a girl. That’s great, Congratulations!

Luckily you have the thought of Giovanna as your first name. Giovanna is a beautiful choice; beautiful to the ear and to the eye.

I will help you get a beautiful middle name that will pair perfectly with the name Giovanna. I’ve combed through parenting forums to help you achieve this.

Let’s explore the list of the beautiful middle names for Giovanna that I loved.

Middle Names for Giovanna

  1. Giovanna Adrienne
  2. Giovanna Alessandra
  3. Giovanna Alexis
  4. Giovanna Alice
  5. Giovanna Amelia
  6. Giovanna Arielle
  7. Giovanna Audrey
  8. Giovanna Beatrice
  9. Giovanna Belen
  10. Giovanna Belle
  11. Giovanna Brianna
  12. Giovanna Brielle
  13. Giovanna Brooke
  14. Giovanna Camille
  15. Giovanna Carmella
  16. Giovanna Claire
  17. Giovanna Claudia
  18. Giovanna Daisy
  19. Giovanna Danae
  20. Giovanna Danielle
  21. Giovanna Delphine
  22. Giovanna Diane
  23. Giovanna Dove
  24. Giovanna Elaine
  25. Giovanna Elise
  26. Giovanna Eloise
  27. Giovanna Erin
  28. Giovanna Everly
  29. Giovanna Faith
  30. Giovanna Fay
  31. Giovanna Faye
  32. Giovanna Filomenia
  33. Giovanna Fiona
  34. Giovanna Frances
  35. Giovanna Grace
  36. Giovanna Holly
  37. Giovanna Hope
  38. Giovanna Iris
  39. Giovanna Ivy
  40. Giovanna Isabel
  41. Giovanna Jane
  42. Giovanna Josephine
  43. Giovanna Joy
  44. Giovanna Katherine
  45. Giovanna Keira
  46. Giovanna Lane
  47. Giovanna Leigh
  48. Giovanna Lily
  49. Giovanna Lucille
  50. Giovanna Luisa
  51. Giovanna Lux
  52. Giovanna Lydia
  53. Giovanna Lynn
  54. Giovanna Lynne
  55. Giovanna Mae
  56. Giovanna Maeve
  57. Giovanna Margaret
  58. Giovanna Maria
  59. Giovanna Marie
  60. Giovanna Maureen
  61. Giovanna Melanie
  62. Giovanna Michelle
  63. Giovanna Milan
  64. Giovanna Naomi
  65. Giovanna Natalia
  66. Giovanna Neve
  67. Giovanna Nicole
  68. Giovanna Nicolette
  69. Giovanna Noelle
  70. Giovanna Noemi
  71. Giovanna Olive
  72. Giovanna Olivia
  73. Giovanna Paige
  74. Giovanna Payton
  75. Giovanna Pearl
  76. Giovanna Philomena
  77. Giovanna Rae
  78. Giovanna Raven
  79. Giovanna Reese
  80. Giovanna Remy
  81. Giovanna Renee
  82. Giovanna Romilly
  83. Giovanna Rosalie
  84. Giovanna Rose
  85. Giovanna Roxanne
  86. Giovanna Ruby
  87. Giovanna Ruth
  88. Giovanna Sabine
  89. Giovanna Sandra
  90. Giovanna Selene
  91. Giovanna Shay
  92. Giovanna Skye
  93. Giovanna Sophie
  94. Giovanna Stephanie
  95. Giovanna Sue
  96. Giovanna Tess
  97. Giovanna Violet
  98. Giovanna Vivian
  99. Giovanna Wren
  100. Giovanna Wynn

Different Ways to Spell Giovanna

  • Geovana
  • Giavanna
  • Gyovanna
  • Giovana

Nicknames for Giovanna

  • Gio
  • Vanna
  • Ginny
  • Gigi
  • Gia
  • Gianna

Giovanna Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Giovanna is Italian in origin meaning God is Gracious.

She is a feminine form of the masculine Giovanni, which means gift from God. Thus, if you are expecting twins; a boy and a girl; this is an elegant choice to name your bundle of joy.

Giovanna first appeared in the baby names popularity chart back in 1991. Since then she has experienced ups and down but still rank in the American top 1000.

Recently she has started showing favor among the American’s most favored beautiful long girl names.

Giovanna is a long beautiful name you can’t help but love.

Famous Giovanna are:

Giovanna Ralli, an Italian actress

Giovanna Antonelli, a Brazilian actress

Wrapping Up

That’s it!

I hope you have found a perfect pair for your princess.

Share your thoughts and let me know which pair you picked…

Best of Luck!

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