100 Elegant Middle Names for Leonardo

You are pregnant with a boy, Congratulations!

Luckily you have settled on the name Leonardo as the first name. Leonardo is such a handsome choice; denoting a mighty /bold boy.

He is believed to be multi-talented, an open minded person and a family man as he is reasonable enough.

Just know that your boy has great potential for greatness.

Now, I will help you find a perfect middle name that will pair perfectly with Leonardo.

I’ve combed mum and dad forums and compiled great middle names that you will absolutely love.

Let’s explore the list of the middle names for Leonardo;

Middle Names for Leonardo

  1. Leonardo Aaron
  2. Leonardo Abraham
  3. Leonardo Adam
  4. Leonardo Alexander
  5. Leonardo Allan
  6. Leonardo Allen
  7. Leonardo Amias
  8. Leonardo Andreas
  9. Leonardo Andrew
  10. Leonardo Anthony
  11. Leonardo Asher
  12. Leonardo Atlas
  13. Leonardo Atticus
  14. Leonardo Augusten
  15. Leonardo Augustus
  16. Leonardo Benjamin
  17. Leonardo Bennett
  18. Leonardo Blaise
  19. Leonardo Blake
  20. Leonardo Brennan
  21. Leonardo Brent
  22. Leonardo Bryce
  23. Leonardo Cameron
  24. Leonardo Carter
  25. Leonardo Charles
  26. Leonardo Christopher
  27. Leonardo Clark
  28. Leonardo Cole
  29. Leonardo Dane
  30. Leonardo Daniel
  31. Leonardo Dante
  32. Leonardo David
  33. Leonardo Denver
  34. Leonardo Drake
  35. Leonardo Duncan
  36. Leonardo Edward
  37. Leonardo Elias
  38. Leonardo Elliot
  39. Leonardo Emerson
  40. Leonardo Ephraim
  41. Leonardo Etienne
  42. Leonardo Finn
  43. Leonardo Frank
  44. Leonardo Gabriel
  45. Leonardo Gareth
  46. Leonardo Grant
  47. Leonardo Gregory
  48. Leonardo Grey
  49. Leonardo Harrison
  50. Leonardo Hayden
  51. Leonardo Henry
  52. Leonardo Hunter
  53. Leonardo Jack
  54. Leonardo Jacob
  55. Leonardo James
  56. Leonardo Jasper
  57. Leonardo Joseph
  58. Leonardo Joshua
  59. Leonardo Jude
  60. Leonardo Luca
  61. Leonardo Maddox
  62. Leonardo Malachi
  63. Leonardo Marcus
  64. Leonardo Mason
  65. Leonardo Matthias
  66. Leonardo Maxwell
  67. Leonardo Micah
  68. Leonardo Michael
  69. Leonardo Miles
  70. Leonardo Morgan
  71. Leonardo Moses
  72. Leonardo Nathaniel
  73. Leonardo Noah
  74. Leonardo Oliver
  75. Leonardo Owen
  76. Leonardo Patrick
  77. Leonardo Paul
  78. Leonardo Phoenix
  79. Leonardo Preston
  80. Leonardo Reece
  81. Leonardo Reed
  82. Leonardo Rhys
  83. Leonardo Robert
  84. Leonardo Roderick
  85. Leonardo Roman
  86. Leonardo Samuel
  87. Leonardo Scott
  88. Leonardo Sebastian
  89. Leonardo Silas
  90. Leonardo Thane
  91. Leonardo Thomas
  92. Leonardo Tristan
  93. Leonardo Vincent
  94. Leonardo Walter
  95. Leonardo Waylon
  96. Leonardo William
  97. Leonardo Wilson
  98. Leonardo Xavier
  99. Leonardo Zane
  100. Leonardo Zev

Different Ways to Spell Leonardo

  • Leonard
  • Leonado
  • Lenardo
  • Lennardo

Nicknames for Leonardo

  • Leo
  • Len
  • Leon
  • Lenny
  • Lennie
  • Lenard
  • Lennard
  • Leonard

Leonardo Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Leonardo is of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese roots specifically meaning “brave lion”.

Leonardo is derived from the Latin word “Leonard”.

He is associated with many brilliant and intelligent men who ever lived like; Leonardo Da Vinci, popularly known for painting the “Mona Lisa” in the early 16th century. He is also the one who invented flying machines.

Leonardo is an overly used name worldwide in countries like Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, United States and Switzerland

The recent statistics in the US ranks him #86.

Leonardo is adorable. His cousin “Leo” also sounds great and is popular as well.

Famous Leonardo are:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, American actor and film producer
  • Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian painter/inventor/scientist
  • Leonardo Fibonacci, Italian mathematician
  • Leonardo Martin Mayer, Argentine famous tennis player
  • Leonardo Tavares, Portuguese famous tennis player

Wrapping Up

Such incredible choices of middle names, right?

The nicknames are such a vibe too.

Share with me your thoughts and let me know which pair you loved most.

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