70+ Beautiful Middle Names for Liliana

You have the thought of naming your little princess Liliana.

Liliana is such a stunner; a beautiful name both to the ear and to the eye.

Expect your little princess to be a hardworking girl, conservative and bright as that is what it denotes to be called Liliana.

Now I’ll help you come up with an elegant middle name that will pair perfectly with Liliana.

I’ve pondered through different parenting forums to achieve this.

Let’s explore the list of middle names for Liliana that I found rare, cute and stunning.

Middle Names for Liliana

  1. Liliana Abigail
  2. Liliana Adele
  3. Liliana Adita
  4. Liliana Agnes
  5. Liliana Alexandria
  6. Liliana Alice
  7. Liliana Anna
  8. Liliana Ashley
  9. Liliana Athena
  10. Liliana Aurora
  11. Liliana Beatrix
  12. Liliana Belle
  13. Liliana Bethan
  14. Liliana Brisa
  15. Liliana Camiria
  16. Liliana Cara
  17. Liliana Carmen
  18. Liliana Cate
  19. Liliana Claire
  20. Liliana Clara
  21. Liliana Danae
  22. Liliana Dawn
  23. Liliana Dina
  24. Liliana Eden
  25. Liliana Edith
  26. Liliana Elena
  27. Liliana Elina
  28. Liliana Elise
  29. Liliana Emily
  30. Liliana Estella
  31. Liliana Eve
  32. Liliana Faith
  33. Liliana Faye
  34. Liliana Fiona
  35. Liliana Frances
  36. Liliana Grace
  37. Liliana Grey
  38. Liliana Hope
  39. Liliana Ivy
  40. Liliana Jane
  41. Liliana Jemina
  42. Liliana Joan
  43. Liliana Joy
  44. Liliana Julie
  45. Liliana June
  46. Liliana Kay
  47. Liliana Lauren
  48. Liliana Leah
  49. Liliana Lee
  50. Liliana Liz
  51. Liliana Lucia
  52. Liliana Lynn
  53. Liliana Mae
  54. Liliana Maeve
  55. Liliana Maria
  56. Liliana Marie
  57. Liliana Marisol
  58. Liliana May
  59. Liliana Maya
  60. Liliana Miles
  61. Liliana Odette
  62. Liliana Patrice
  63. Liliana Phoebe
  64. Liliana Rose
  65. Liliana Ruby
  66. Liliana Selene
  67. Liliana Sierra
  68. Liliana Sofia
  69. Liliana Stella
  70. Liliana Susana
  71. Liliana Valora
  72. Liliana Vivian
  73. Liliana Wren
  74. Liliana Yvonne
  75. Liliana Zoe

Different Ways to Spell Liliana

  • Lilyana
  • Lilianna
  • Lilliana
  • Lilyanne
  • Lillianna

Nicknames for Liliana

  • Lily
  • Lili
  • Lil
  • Lillie
  • Lilla
  • Ana
  • Anne
  • Lilian
  • Liana
  • Alana
  • Lianna
  • Elyana
  • Eliana
  • Lyla

Liliana Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Liliana is of Spanish and Italian roots specifically meaning “lily or a flower”; symbolizing beauty and purity. She also means “My God is an oath”.

She is a variant of the name Lilian, an English name.

Liliana is a member of “lily family names”; a family well known of new spelling inventions over the years.

Having been in use for so many years in the Italian and Hispanic culture, she has been declared as one of the top girls’ favorite names.

For that reason she brims with elegance and thus showing some steady favor among American parents as a romantic foreign name.

She made her first glance in the American naming graph back in 1972.

Since then she started edging on the top 200 list of the most favorite girls’ names in the US.

This can be declared as a success to the “lily family names” as she is following the successful paths of her sisters “Lily and Lillian”

Liliana is classy, beautiful and modern as well.

The recent statistics in the US rank her #110.

Famous Liliana are;

  • Liliana Cavani, Italian film director
  • Liliana Davis Mumy, American actress
  • Liliana Queiroz, Portuguese model
  • Liliana Heker, Argentine writer

Wrapping Up

That’s it – beautiful choices of middle names for Liliana, cute nicknames, different variations of how you spell her as well as her meaning and brief history.

Hopefully you have found a perfect middle name for your princess.

Best of luck as you welcome her into the world.

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