100 Elegant Middle Names for Nicholas

Nicholas; such a handsome choice for your little boy. He is both classy and awesome and he sounds so sweet as well.

His spicy nicknames, “Nick, Cole and Nicky” and his rich associations of various saints and popes boost his masculine character.

Expect your prince to have a heart of gold, to be kind and selfless as that is what it denotes to be called Nicholas.

Along with the handsome first name Nicholas, your little one needs a cute middle name he will always be proud of.

Below is the list of middle names for Nicholas that you will absolutely love.

Let’s explore the list;

Middle Names for Nicholas

  1. Nicholas Ace
  2. Nicholas Adrian
  3. Nicholas Alexander
  4. Nicholas Anderson
  5. Nicholas Andrew
  6. Nicholas Anthony
  7. Nicholas Archer
  8. Nicholas Asher
  9. Nicholas August
  10. Nicholas Avery
  11. Nicholas Ben
  12. Nicholas Benton
  13. Nicholas Blake
  14. Nicholas Brant
  15. Nicholas Brendan
  16. Nicholas Brett
  17. Nicholas Calvin
  18. Nicholas Camden
  19. Nicholas Carson
  20. Nicholas Carter
  21. Nicholas Cedar
  22. Nicholas Charles
  23. Nicholas Clark
  24. Nicholas Colin
  25. Nicholas Daniel
  26. Nicholas David
  27. Nicholas Dean
  28. Nicholas Dominic
  29. Nicholas Elijah
  30. Nicholas Emmett
  31. Nicholas Ethan
  32. Nicholas Evans
  33. Nicholas Finn
  34. Nicholas Gage
  35. Nicholas George
  36. Nicholas Graham
  37. Nicholas Grant
  38. Nicholas Griffin
  39. Nicholas Harley
  40. Nicholas Harrison
  41. Nicholas Henry
  42. Nicholas Hunter
  43. Nicholas Isaac
  44. Nicholas Jack
  45. Nicholas Jacob
  46. Nicholas Jake
  47. Nicholas James
  48. Nicholas Jameson
  49. Nicholas John
  50. Nicholas Jonathan
  51. Nicholas Jude
  52. Nicholas Justin
  53. Nicholas Koen
  54. Nicholas Lane
  55. Nicholas Lee
  56. Nicholas Levi
  57. Nicholas Liam
  58. Nicholas Luke
  59. Nicholas Madden
  60. Nicholas Marcus
  61. Nicholas Mark
  62. Nicholas Michael
  63. Nicholas Miller
  64. Nicholas Nathan
  65. Nicholas Nathaniel
  66. Nicholas Orion
  67. Nicholas Oscar
  68. Nicholas Owen
  69. Nicholas Paul
  70. Nicholas Quinn
  71. Nicholas Ray
  72. Nicholas Reid
  73. Nicholas Rhett
  74. Nicholas Rhys
  75. Nicholas Riley
  76. Nicholas Robert
  77. Nicholas Ronan
  78. Nicholas Ryan
  79. Nicholas Ryder
  80. Nicholas Scott
  81. Nicholas Shane
  82. Nicholas Silas
  83. Nicholas Spencer
  84. Nicholas Taylor
  85. Nicholas Thane
  86. Nicholas Thomas
  87. Nicholas Timothy
  88. Nicholas Todd
  89. Nicholas Torsten
  90. Nicholas Tristan
  91. Nicholas Tucker
  92. Nicholas Wade
  93. Nicholas Walker
  94. Nicholas Warren
  95. Nicholas Weston
  96. Nicholas Wiley
  97. Nicholas William
  98. Nicholas Wyatt
  99. Nicholas Xander
  100. Nicholas Zachary

Different Ways to Spell Nicholas

  • Nicolas
  • Nikolas
  • Nikolaus
  • Nickolas

Nicknames for Nicholas

  • Nick
  • Nicky
  • Nikola
  • Nikki
  • Nicholai
  • Nikita
  • Nikolai
  • Nichols
  • Nico
  • Nicos
  • Cole
  • Nix

Nicholas Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Nicholas is of Greek roots meaning, “people of victory”.

Nicholas originated from the Greek name “Nikolaos” which evolved from the two components; “Nike” which means “victory” and “Laos” which means “people”. “Nike” is also a name in Greek for their goddess of victory.

The name Nicholas has borne many rich associations; five popes as well as two czars of Russia.

He is a handsome and classy name spiced up with his cute nicknames “Nicky” and “Nick”. Also, Saint Nicholas boost the name, as he is remembered for gifting children worldwide with toys. He is the loved patron saint of children, sailors, merchants as well as Greece and Russia.

Nicholas has maintained a soaring top 10 spot in the American naming chart from 1993 to 2002.

Although recently he has decreased in favor in the US, he still maintains a top 100 spot as the recent statics in the US rank him #87.

Currently, he is enjoying most usage in countries like Australia, Italy, Canada, Scotland and New Zealand.

Famous Nicholas are:

  • Nicholas I and II, emperors of Russia
  • Nicholas Charles Sparks, an American novelist
  • Nicholas Joseph, an American actor
  • Nicholas Komor, American fashion designer

Wrapping Up

That’s it – handsome choices of middle names for Nicholas, cute nicknames, as well as a brief history for the great name Nicholas.

I’d like to know which pair you loved most; I’m just curious, kindly share your thoughts!

For more name inspirations, you can as well check, middle names for Isaac, Leonardo or Jonathan.

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