100 Beautiful Middle Names for Nicole

Are you in search of a pretty name for your princess? Nicole is a beautiful choice.

Her French flair as well as her cute nicknames make it a sparkle in modern classrooms.

Now you are wondering, “Which middle name will pair perfectly with cute name Nicole?”

Do not worry at all! I’ve scavenged different parenting forums to make your task easier.

Below is the list of middle names for Nicole that I found unique, classy and elegant as well.

Let’s explore the list together;

Middle Names for Nicole

  1. Nicole Alice
  2. Nicole Alicia
  3. Nicole Amelia
  4. Nicole Annabella
  5. Nicole Anne
  6. Nicole Arianna
  7. Nicole Ava
  8. Nicole Ayla
  9. Nicole Bella
  10. Nicole Beth
  11. Nicole Brenna
  12. Nicole Bridget
  13. Nicole Briella
  14. Nicole Brinley
  15. Nicole Britt
  16. Nicole Brynn
  17. Nicole Catherine
  18. Nicole Claire
  19. Nicole Daniela
  20. Nicole Dina
  21. Nicole Eden
  22. Nicole Elaine
  23. Nicole Elena
  24. Nicole Elise
  25. Nicole Ella
  26. Nicole Elle
  27. Nicole Emily
  28. Nicole Esther
  29. Nicole Evan
  30. Nicole Eve
  31. Nicole Everly
  32. Nicole Evie
  33. Nicole Faye
  34. Nicole Fern
  35. Nicole Fiona
  36. Nicole Flora
  37. Nicole Gabriella
  38. Nicole Gia
  39. Nicole Gianna
  40. Nicole Grace
  41. Nicole Greer
  42. Nicole Hallie
  43. Nicole Hannah
  44. Nicole Hope
  45. Nicole Isabelle
  46. Nicole Ivy
  47. Nicole Jade
  48. Nicole Jess
  49. Nicole Jessica
  50. Nicole Josephine
  51. Nicole Joy
  52. Nicole Julian
  53. Nicole Juliet
  54. Nicole June
  55. Nicole Juniper
  56. Nicole Kay
  57. Nicole Kelly
  58. Nicole Kelsey
  59. Nicole Kiana
  60. Nicole Lacey
  61. Nicole Lauren
  62. Nicole Leigh
  63. Nicole Lilly
  64. Nicole Liz
  65. Nicole Lizzy
  66. Nicole Love
  67. Nicole Lucia
  68. Nicole Lynn
  69. Nicole Madelyn
  70. Nicole Marie
  71. Nicole Melina
  72. Nicole Melissa
  73. Nicole Michelle
  74. Nicole Noelle
  75. Nicole Nola
  76. Nicole Olive
  77. Nicole Paige
  78. Nicole Pam
  79. Nicole Peace
  80. Nicole Penelope
  81. Nicole Petra
  82. Nicole Rae
  83. Nicole Renee
  84. Nicole Sara
  85. Nicole Sidney
  86. Nicole Sophia
  87. Nicole Sophie
  88. Nicole Spring
  89. Nicole Sue
  90. Nicole Tabitha
  91. Nicole Tate
  92. Nicole Tess
  93. Nicole Tessa
  94. Nicole Vale
  95. Nicole Victoria
  96. Nicole Violet
  97. Nicole Vivian
  98. Nicole Vivienne
  99. Nicole Wren
  100. Nicole Zoe

Different Ways to Spell Nicole

  • Nikole
  • Nicolle
  • Nickole
  • Niccole
  • Nichole
  • Nycole

Nicknames for Nicole

  • Nic
  • Nikki
  • Cole
  • Coley
  • Nico
  • Nica

Nicole Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Nicole is the feminine variation of Nicolas. Nicolas is of Greek roots and originates from the Greek name “Nikolaos” which comprises of two elements “Nike” which means “victory” and “Laos” to mean “the people” thus having the meaning, “victory of the people”.

The stemming of the feminine form occurred in the middle Ages in France as a sign to respect St. Nicholas.

Nicole is spiced up by her simplicity as she is a two syllable name, her French flair as well as her cute nicknames, Nic and Nikki.

In the American naming graph, Nicole trended in the top 10 among favorite girl names for a decade; from 1978 to 1988.

Her best year was in in 1982 where she earned a coveted spot of #6.

Her popularity is seen to diminish as from 1989 where she fell out from top 10 to top 100 in 2008.

Recently, her popularity is on a downward trend in the US as the recent statistics rank her #266.

Famous Nicole are;

  • Nicole Renee Barnhart, American soccer player
  • Nicole Gale Anderson, American actress
  • Nicole Rose Scimeca, American actress
  • Nicole Scherzinger, American actress and singer
  • Nicole Pratt, Australian tennis player

Wrapping Up

That’s it – Cute choices of middle names for Nicole.

I hope you have found a perfect pair for your princess.

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Best Wishes!

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