100 Good Middle Names for Samuel

You have the thought of naming your little prince Samuel.

Samuel is sweet, an ancient name that never goes out of style.

He is believed to having a strong personality thus expect your boy to be a leader with strong principles.

With that being said, you may be stuck in choosing a perfect middle name that will pair well with the name Samuel.

I have combed different parenting forums and came up with great middle names for Samuel that you will love.

Let’s explore the list;

Middle Names for Samuel

  1. Samuel Adam
  2. Samuel Aden
  3. Samuel Adrian
  4. Samuel Amos
  5. Samuel Andrew
  6. Samuel Atticus
  7. Samuel August
  8. Samuel Augustus
  9. Samuel Avery
  10. Samuel Benett
  11. Samuel Berkeley
  12. Samuel Blaine
  13. Samuel Breccan
  14. Samuel Brooke
  15. Samuel Carl
  16. Samuel Carter
  17. Samuel Chase
  18. Samuel Christian
  19. Samuel Colton
  20. Samuel Cormac
  21. Samuel Crispin
  22. Samuel David
  23. Samuel Dean
  24. Samuel Destry
  25. Samuel Dixon’
  26. Samuel Gardener
  27. Samuel Dolan
  28. Samuel Donovan
  29. Samuel Douglas
  30. Samuel Drake
  31. Samuel Edmond
  32. Samuel Edward
  33. Samuel Edwin
  34. Samuel Eli
  35. Samuel Elias
  36. Samuel Eric
  37. Samuel Evan
  38. Samuel Ezekiel
  39. Samuel Ezra
  40. Samuel Felix
  41. Samuel Finn
  42. Samuel Finnegan
  43. Samuel Finnian
  44. Samuel Gage
  45. Samuel Garrison
  46. Samuel Granger
  47. Samuel Gray
  48. Samuel Grayson
  49. Samuel Gregory
  50. Samuel Harvey
  51. Samuel Hawthrone
  52. Samuel Heath
  53. Samuel Hendrix
  54. Samuel Henry
  55. Samuel Indigo
  56. Samuel Jack
  57. Samuel James
  58. Samuel Jamison
  59. Samuel John
  60. Samuel Jonas
  61. Samuel Jude
  62. Samuel Julian
  63. Samuel Justus
  64. Samuel Kirk
  65. Samuel Knox
  66. Samuel Kyle
  67. Samuel Lane
  68. Samuel Lewis
  69. Samuel Liam
  70. Samuel Luca
  71. Samuel Magnus
  72. Samuel Miles
  73. Samuel Nash
  74. Samuel Neil
  75. Samuel Noah
  76. Samuel Nolan
  77. Samuel North
  78. Samuel Odin
  79. Samuel Owen
  80. Samuel Paul
  81. Samuel Pax
  82. Samuel Pierce
  83. Samuel Quinn
  84. Samuel Raphael
  85. Samuel Reed
  86. Samuel Reid
  87. Samuel Reuben
  88. Samuel River
  89. Samuel Ross
  90. Samuel Ryan
  91. Samuel Scott
  92. Samuel Sterling
  93. Samuel Tate
  94. Samuel Tobias
  95. Samuel Tobin
  96. Samuel Tristan
  97. Samuel Troy
  98. Samuel Tyler
  99. Samuel Wade
  100. Samuel Xavier

Different Ways to Spell Samuel

  • Samael
  • Simile
  • Sammuel
  • Shannel

Nicknames for Samuel

  • Sam
  • Sammy
  • Sami
  • Sams
  • Big Sam
  • El
  • Sam Sam
  • Muel

Samuel Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Samuel is Hebrew in origin meaning “God has heard” or “name of God”. He derives from Hebrew words Shem to mean “name”, El to mean “God or Sh’ma to mean “hear” thus bringing out the meaning “ name of God “  or “God has heard”.

Samuel is recorded in the Bible in the Old Testament as the first prophet of Israel who anointed the first kings of Israel; Saul and David.

He appeared in the baby names chart since the 16th century when people started naming kids after the Bible names. From 1920s to mid-1980s Samuel experienced some decline in favor and dropped from top 50s.

His best years came in 1987 where he ranked position 50. Since then he has been graced to top 30, currently ranking #25 in America’s recent statistics.

He is believed to be strong and wholesome; an ancient name that never goes out of style.

Famous Samuel are:

  • Samuel Morse, an American inventor
  • Samuel Rabin, an American lawyer and politician
  • Samuel Tinsley, an English chess player
  • Samuel Adams, founding father of the USA; fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Wrapping Up

That’s it; the good middle names for Samuel, different ways to spell him and nicknames for him.

I hope you have found a perfect pair of names for your little prince.

Best wishes as you welcome him into the world!

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