100+ Cute Middle Names for Sarah

Soon you will be welcoming your little princess into the world, Best Wishes!

You want a Christian name that has a vintage feel? You can never go wrong with the name Sarah.

Sarah is short and sweet. Spiced up with her cute nicknames; Sally, Sadie and Sari, you will definitely have a vintage and modern mavens in one place.

Not to worry even for the middle names that pair perfectly with Sarah as I’ve pondered through various mums and dad forums in an effort to make your search easier.

Let’s have a glance of the stunning choices of middle names for Sarah:

Middle Names for Sarah

  1. Sarah Abigail
  2. Sarah Adeline
  3. Sarah Alicia
  4. Sarah Amity
  5. Sarah Anabelle
  6. Sarah Angeline
  7. Sarah Anne
  8. Sarah Beatrice
  9. Sarah Bella
  10. Sarah Beth
  11. Sarah Bethany
  12. Sarah Bianca
  13. Sarah Camille
  14. Sarah Catherine
  15. Sarah Charity
  16. Sarah Charlotte
  17. Sarah Cherie
  18. Sarah Christine
  19. Sarah Cynthia
  20. Sarah Daisy
  21. Sarah Daphne
  22. Sarah Dawn
  23. Sarah Delaney
  24. Sarah Delphine
  25. Sarah Diane
  26. Sarah Eden
  27. Sarah Elaine
  28. Sarah Elizabeth
  29. Sarah Elliot
  30. Sarah Emily
  31. Sarah Estelle
  32. Sarah Evangeline
  33. Sarah Eveline
  34. Sarah Evelyn
  35. Sarah Faith
  36. Sarah Felicity
  37. Sarah Georgina
  38. Sarah Grace
  39. Sarah Helen
  40. Sarah Helena
  41. Sarah Honour
  42. Sarah Hope
  43. Sarah Isabella
  44. Sarah Ivy
  45. Sarah Jade
  46. Sarah Jane
  47. Sarah Jayne
  48. Sarah Jean
  49. Sarah Jenna
  50. Sarah Jessica
  51. Sarah Joy
  52. Sarah Jude
  53. Sarah Juliet
  54. Sarah Juniper
  55. Sarah Kate
  56. Sarah Kay
  57. Sarah Kelly
  58. Sarah Lane
  59. Sarah Lauren
  60. Sarah Lee
  61. Sarah Leigh
  62. Sarah Lily
  63. Sarah Liz
  64. Sarah Lorena
  65. Sarah Louise
  66. Sarah Love
  67. Sarah Lucia
  68. Sarah Lucille
  69. Sarah Lynn
  70. Sarah Madeline
  71. Sarah Mae
  72. Sarah Maeve
  73. Sarah Magdalena
  74. Sarah Margaret
  75. Sarah Marie
  76. Sarah Marina
  77. Sarah May
  78. Sarah Mercy
  79. Sarah Michelle
  80. Sarah Miriam
  81. Sarah Naomi
  82. Sarah Natalie
  83. Sarah Nicole
  84. Sarah Noelle
  85. Sarah Olivia
  86. Sarah Paige
  87. Sarah Patience
  88. Sarah Payton
  89. Sarah Peace
  90. Sarah Penelope
  91. Sarah Phoebe
  92. Sarah Rachel
  93. Sarah Regina
  94. Sarah Renee
  95. Sarah Rose
  96. Sarah Ruby
  97. Sarah Ruth
  98. Sarah Tamar
  99. Sarah Tamsin
  100. Sarah Verity
  101. Sarah Victoria
  102. Sarah Violet
  103. Sarah Vivian
  104. Sarah Wendy
  105. Sarah Whitney
  106. Sarah Zoe

Different Ways to Spell Sarah

  • Sara
  • Serah
  • Zarah
  • Zara
  • Sary

Nicknames for Sarah

  • Sally
  • Sadie
  • Sari
  • Sarai
  • Sera
  • Sar
  • Sal
  • Sarry

Sarah Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Sarah is basically of Hebrew roots translated as “noble woman” or “princess”.

She is recorded in the bible, in the Old Testament as the wife of father Abraham. She is known for giving birth to her son Isaac when she was at an old age of 90 years.

Sarah name is such a vintage that never fades in style. She has never failed to appear in the American baby names chart ever since.

Since 1900, she has always claimed a spot in the top 200.  In 1900, she raked #37.

From 1978 to 2002, she maintained a top 10 ranking.

Her best years were in the 1980’s and 1990’s where she earned a coveted spot of # 3, 4 and 5.

Although recently she has shown some decline in favor, she still claims a spot in the top 100 as the recent statistics in the US rank her #87.

You can never go wrong with Sarah as her nicknames; Sadie, Sally and Sari are so sweet and can act as independent names as well.

Even though there are no male variations of the name Sarah, there is a record of boys named Sarah. In 1989, Sarah name ranked #823 on the list of favorite boy names at that time.

Famous Sarah are;

  • Sarah Silverman, American actress
  • Sarah Lee Bolger, Irish actress
  • Sarah Parker, American actress and fashionista
  • Sara Chen, Taiwanese singer
  • Sara Teasdale, American poet

Wrapping Up

That’s it; cute choices of middle names for Sarah, different ways to spell her, sweet nicknames as well as a brief history of the name.

I hope you have found a perfect pair of name for your little angel.

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Best Wishes!

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