70+ Lovely Middle Names for Stella

Finally your little bundle of joy is almost landing, Congratulations!

Luckily you have fallen in love with the name Stella; Stella is short, sweet and beautiful both to the ear and to the eye.

Stella is a vintage that shines even in the modern classroom. Just like her literal meaning “star”, expect your princess to outshine and rule.

For the middle name that will pair perfectly with Stella, don’t worry as I’ve sorted you out.

Below is the list of middle names for Stella that I found classy, lovely and unique.

Middle Names for Stella

  1. Stella Abigail
  2. Stella Adeline
  3. Stella Alice
  4. Stella Alya
  5. Stella Angeline
  6. Stella Annabel
  7. Stella Annalise
  8. Stella Anne
  9. Stella Atria
  10. Stella Avery
  11. Stella Camille
  12. Stella Caroline
  13. Stella Cassidy
  14. Stella Catherine
  15. Stella Christine
  16. Stella Claire
  17. Stella Claudia
  18. Stella Daisy
  19. Stella Diana
  20. Stella Dinah
  21. Stella Eden
  22. Stella Edith
  23. Stella Elise
  24. Stella Elizabeth
  25. Stella Elouise
  26. Stella Eve
  27. Stella Faith
  28. Stella Gail
  29. Stella Grace
  30. Stella Helen
  31. Stella Hope
  32. Stella Irene
  33. Stella Ivy
  34. Stella Jane
  35. Stella Jasmine
  36. Stella Jean
  37. Stella Joelle
  38. Stella Josephine
  39. Stella Josie
  40. Stella Joy
  41. Stella Juliet
  42. Stella June
  43. Stella Kate
  44. Stella Lauren
  45. Stella Leigh
  46. Stella Louise
  47. Stella Lovie
  48. Stella Lucille
  49. Stella Lydia
  50. Stella Madison
  51. Stella Maeve
  52. Stella Margaret
  53. Stella Marie
  54. Stella Marissa
  55. Stella Martha
  56. Stella May
  57. Stella Meredith
  58. Stella Natalie
  59. Stella Naomi
  60. Stella Orion
  61. Stella Pearl
  62. Stella Penelope
  63. Stella Rae
  64. Stella Rose
  65. Stella Rosemary
  66. Stella Roxanne
  67. Stella Ruby
  68. Stella Ruth
  69. Stella Scarlett
  70. Stella Sophie
  71. Stella Stephanie
  72. Stella Susanne
  73. Stella Tess
  74. Stella Valentine
  75. Stella Venus
  76. Stella Victoria
  77. Stella Violet
  78. Stella Vivian

Different Ways to Spell Stella

  • Stela
  • Stellar

Nicknames for Stella

  • Ella
  • Stell
  • El
  • Elle
  • Ellie
  • Stellie
  • Stelly

Stella Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Stella is of Latin roots specifically meaning “star”.

The name was first introduced in 1590 by Sir Philip Sidney, after naming his poetry collection Astrophel and Stella. The title can be translated as “the star lover and his star”. 

Following the successful paths of Ella family name, Stella rose steadily just like her cousins Ella, Isabella, Bella, Estella and Gabriella.

Various celebrities have named their daughters after the name Stella thus spicing it up to be a star just like its literal meaning.

Stella is a popular name widely used in countries like Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland where she’s in the top 100 pick.

As per the American naming graph, Stella name has claimed a spot in the top 100 since 2010.

In 2016, she earned a coveted spot in the top 50. Her best year was in 2018 where she was ranked #38.

Though she has shown some slight decline in favor, she still maintains a top 50 pick as the recent statistics in the USA rank her #42.

Stella is a beautiful name, both to the ear and to the eye. She is a vintage that fits even in modern classrooms.

Famous Stella are;

  • Stella Obasanio, the first lady of Nigeria
  • Stella Adler, American actress
  • Stella Gonet. Scottish actress
  • Stella Vander, French singer

Wrapping Up

There you have it – cute choices that flow perfectly with Stella.

I hope this article was helpful.

Share your thoughts and let me know which pair you loved most.

Best of luck as you welcome your little princess into the world!

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