70 Beautiful Middle Names for Vera

Soon you will receive your little princess, Congratulations on that!

Luckily you have thought of Vera as the first name for your baby.

Vera is Short, sweet and adorable.

Don’t feel lost when it comes to searching for a beautiful middle name that will perfectly pair with her;

I have researched thoroughly from parents’ naming groups to help you achieve this tricky task.

Let’s explore the list of the beautiful middle names for Vera that I loved.

Middle Names for Vera

  1. Vera Alexandra
  2. Vera Allison
  3. Vera Anne
  4. Vera Ashley
  5. Vera Beatrice
  6. Vera Bethany
  7. Vera Bridget
  8. Vera Brielle
  9. Vera Brooke
  10. Vera Brynn
  11. Vera Camille
  12. Vera Cassidy
  13. Vera Cate
  14. Vera Cecily
  15. Vera Celeste
  16. Vera Claire
  17. Vera Clementine
  18. Vera Courtney
  19. Vera Danielle
  20. Vera Daphne
  21. Vera dawn
  22. Vera Denise
  23. Vera Dorothy
  24. Vera Elise
  25. Vera Elizabeth
  26. Vera Ellen
  27. Vera Eloise
  28. Vera Evangeline
  29. Vera Faye
  30. Vera Gabrielle
  31. Vera Grace
  32. Vera Grey
  33. Vera Hayley
  34. Vera Hope
  35. Vera jade
  36. Vera Jane
  37. Vera Jasmine
  38. Vera Jocelyn
  39. Vera Josephine
  40. Vera joy
  41. Vera June
  42. Vera Kate
  43. Vera Lauren
  44. Vera Leigh
  45. Vera Leighton
  46. Vera Lillian
  47. Vera Lily
  48. Vera Louisa
  49. Vera Louise
  50. Vera Lynette
  51. Vera Lynn
  52. Vera Madeline
  53. Vera Maeve
  54. Vera Marie
  55. Vera May
  56. Vera Michelle
  57. Vera Morgan
  58. Vera Nicole
  59. Vera Nolan
  60. Vera Olive
  61. Vera Paige
  62. Vera Pearl
  63. Vera Reese
  64. Vera Renee
  65. Vera Rose
  66. Vera Shea
  67. Vera Sidney
  68. Vera Sophie
  69. Vera Whitney
  70. Vera Wren

Different Ways to Spell Vera

  • Velia
  • Vela
  • Vella
  • Veira

Nicknames for Vera

  • Vi
  • Vivi
  • Vel
  • Vee
  • Val

Vera Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Vera is Russian in origin meaning “faith”. At times Vera is believed to have been derived from the Latin word verus which means “true” or “truth”.

She is linked to a religious culture as in both meaning she is related to faith and truth in the Lord. Thus she has been graced by various saints in Catholic and Orthodox Churches worldwide.

Vera has been in use as a feminine name ever since the late 19th century. She was a darling to many especially in the early 20th century but later declined in favor in the latter half of the century.

Over the years she has started reviving and reemerged in the baby name charts back in 2009. Ever since she has gained popularity in countries like Spain and Netherlands.

Although Vera is old fashioned; she is a vintage baby name, short, simple and sweet.

Famous Vera are;

  • Vera Miles, an American actress
  • Vera Rubin, American astronomer
  • Vera Zvonareva, Russian tennis player
  • Vera Fischer, Brazilian actress

Wrapping Up

That’s It! I hope you loved the guide and it was of help.

Best wishes!

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